Thursday, October 15, 2009

AGGRESSION MMA Stakes FIRST BLOOD in Edmonton with Veteran UFC Fighters Jason Lambert vs Matt Horwich

AGGRESSION MMA: FIRST BLOOD will be held on October 24, 2009 at the Edmonton Expo Center in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  This is the inaugural event for the new Canadian fight promotion.  The show will be headlined by former UFC fighters Jason 'the Punisher' Lambert and Matt 'Suave' Horwich.  Both fighters are currently on significant losing streaks.  Lambert has fought once since exiting the UFC after 3 straight losses, and unfortunately increased his losing streak to 4 straight with a decision loss to Vladimir Matyushenko at Call to Arms 1.  Overall Lambert has lost 5 of his last 6 fights, after riding an impressive 8-fight winning streak through nearly 4 years.  One of those victories was a submission win over Matt Horwich at WEC 12: Halloween Fury 3 in 2004.  Now, 5 years later with Halloween once again looming, Horwich is back like a horror movie menace seeking vengeance against Lambert.  Horwich has lost 3 straight decisions, 2 in the UFC and 1 in Bellator, and overall hast lost 4 out of his last 5 fights.  Something's gotta give, though, and one of these fighters will finally get back on the winning track, while the other will likely fall into an ever deeper depression.

Also featured on the show will be former UFC fighters Doug Evans and Xavier 'Professor X' Foupa-Pokam.  TUF 9 Team Henderson trainer and legendary kickboxer Cyrille 'the Snake' Diabate will be taking on one of Canada's finest in Marcus 'the Loudmouth Assassin' Hicks.  Plus a cameo by 'the Ironman' of MMA, as Travis Fulton with 236 fights (!) under his belt takes on Jason 'Bonecrusher' Fairn and his 3-4 record.  This means Fulton has won 64 times for every one time the Bonecrusher's hand has been raised in victory.

Complete Fight Card After the Break


Matt Horwich (23-13) vs. Jason Lambert (23-10)

Doug Evans (8-5) vs. Marcelo Giudici (8-2)

Nick 'the Ninja of Love' Denis (7-1) vs. Phil 'Billy' Harris (16-9)

Xavier Foupa-Pokam (20-11) vs. Chester Post (6-17)

Robin Black (2-2) vs. Corey Lautischer (0-1)

Cyrille Diabate (14-6) vs. Marcus Hicks (9-17)

Jarid 'da Tappa' Bussemakers (3-2) vs. Nick Ring (9-0)

Len Bentley (7-3) vs. Kurt Southern (5-1)

Jason Fairn (3-4) vs. Travis Fulton (191-45)

Amir Uddin (0-1) vs. Lenny Wheeler (2-0)

Tony Bibby (3-3) vs. Corey Knapp (2-10)

James Petryk (0-1) vs. Josten Tardif (0-1)