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DREAM vs SENGOKU - K-1 DYNAMITE!! 2009 Recap, Results and Madman Awards

K-1 DYNAMITE!! 2009 - THE POWER OF COURAGE was held New Year's Eve at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. The show ran nearly 8 hours and featured 18 combined MMA and kickboxing bouts. For kickboxing coverage, the Madman would highly recommend Head Kick Legend. We'll concentrate on the dozen MMA bouts on the card.

The night kicked off with Kazushi Sakuraba spotlighted in the ring. He sang the praises of retiring kickboxer Masato, while wearing a tuxedo and pro wrestling mask. Sakuraba proceeded to maestro a small choir of children in the ring, which was a precursor to a much larger chorus of hundreds of children on the stage. Some fighters were interspersed in the chorus, singing and dancing until making their way to the ring when announced by "Crazy Pride Lady" Lenne Hardt.

The opening MMA bout was the DREAM Super Hulk Grand Prix Finale between Ikuhisa "Minowaman" Minowa and Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou. The African Assassin won the first two rounds against Minowaman, but took a big shot to his cheek in the third round, which dropped him and the referee stepped in to award the victory to Minowa. The TKO outcome may have been the same had Sokoudjou been able to continue, but he was not out yet, and was working to defend. The fight should've continued, but shoulda-coulda-woulda, it didn't and middleweight Ikuhisa Minowa, the smallest man in the super heavyweight tournament, is now a genuine, certified giant slayer.

Hiroshi Izumi, a Japanese Olympic Silver Medalist, was embarrassed in his first and only MMA fight, against Antz Nansen at Sengoku 10. In the pre-fight video package for his bout with Katsuyori Shibata, Izumi's fisherman father said if Izumi lost again, he would prohibit him from competing in MMA, thereby tarnishing his Judo legacy. Izumi won a questionable decision over Shibata and will fight again.

Michihiro Omigawa, who's been winning a lot of split decisions recently, earned a victory the old-fashioned way, by knocking out Hiroyuki Takaya. Akihiro Gono pulled off a super slick armbar submission on Hayato "Mach" Sakurai. Melvin Manhoef got a TKO win over Kazuo Misaki in another early stoppage.

The Madman Fight of the Night was the bout with the lowest Madness Level going into Dynamite!! 2009. Jong Man Kim stepped in as a very late replacement for Marlon Sandro against Hideo Tokoro. On just a few days notice, Kim managed to withstand 15 minutes of assault by Tokoro, including a flying triangle transitioned into an armbar attempt that looked like it would have had any normal fighter tapping like Gregory Hines. Kim ended the fight a bloody mess, and on the losing end of a decision, but his impressive performance elevated his status nonetheless.

Tatsuya Kawajiri may have set a record for the longest time holding mount on an opponent without finishing. Kawajiri had Kazunori Yokota mounted for seemingly the entire 15-minute fight, which resulted in a unanimous decision victory for Kawajiri. Masanori Kanehara scored the night's biggest upset with a decision win over Kid Yamamoto, who has now officially fallen from grace. Alistair Overeem and Gegard Mousasi both quickly did away with their old-timer opponents, Kazuyuki Fujita and Gary "Big Daddy" Goodridge, respectively.

In an interpromotional battle of lightweight champions, Shinya Aoki literally broke Mizuto Hirota's arm with a hammerlock submission. Hirota did not tap, and Aoki did not stop. Once the ref stepped in, Aoki proceeded to give Hirota the finger, of which he also turned to the crowd. It appears young Aoki has gone over to the dark side.

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In the final MMA bout of the night, the old judoka, Hidehiko Yoshida, outpointed the new judoka, Satoshi Ishii, for the unanimous decision victory. Ishii had been favored in the fight, despite his lack of any MMA experience, based on his highly impressive Gold Medal-winning Judo performance at the 2008 Summer Olympics, but he's still got a lot to learn in MMA.

Complete Results and Madman Awards after the Break

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2009 World MMA Awards Winners and Complete List of Nominees

The Fighters Only 2009 World MMA Awards ceremony was held Wednesday December 30, 2009 at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show aired live on and will re-air in edited format on January 6, 2010 on the Versus cable channel. A special lifetime achievement award was given in honor of the late Charles "Mask" Lewis, co-founded of TapouT, who passed away earlier this year in an automobile accident.



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Black House MMA
Greg Jackson's Submission Fighting
Xtreme Couture



Everlast MMA
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One More Round



Shane Carwin
Dan Hardy
Jon Jones
Brock Lesnar
Cain Velasquez


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INSANE DYNAMITE!! 2009 PREVIEW: Betting Odds, Chances of Fighters Winning, Analysis and Predictions for Every Fight

Go into insane detail in this preview of DYNAMITE!! 2009. Includes breakdowns of betting odds with analysis, win-loss records, DREAM and Sengoku wins and losses, biggest victories, fighter profiles and backgrounds, logical outcomes, Madness Levels and Madman Predictions for each and every fight on the card. DYNAMITE!! 2009 will be held December 31, 2009 at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. The event will air live on HDNet in North America.

Betting lines are for entertainment purposes only and are included here to illustrate oddsmakers' projections. Madness Levels indicate the amount of insanity inspired in anticipation of a fight on a scale of one to ten. Madman Logic is determined by my trusty sidekick, the Madman Computer, which uses a mathematical formula based on previous results to determine what the most logical outcome would be if either fighter were to win.

Striving to be the most analytically astute fight preview column possible. Let the madness begin...

This event features a best-of-9 series of interpromotional fights between DREAM and Sengoku Raiden Championship (SRC). Only the MMA fights have been included in this preview, there are also several kickboxing bouts on the card.

UD = Unanimous | SD = Split | MD = Majority Decision | SUB = Submission | (T)KO = (Technical)Knockout



RAMEAU THIERRY SOKOUDJOU (-322) = 73% chance of winning

IKUHISA MINOWA (+262) = 27% chance of winning

Rameau Thierry “The African Assassin” Sokoudjou is 7-5, with 6 wins by (T)KO and 1 win by decision. Sokoudjou has lost 3 times by (T)KO and lost twice by submission. Sokoudjou is 2-0 in DREAM, and is coming off a TKO loss to Gegard Mousasi in Strikeforce (11/09).

DREAM W: Bob Sapp (TKO), Jan Nortje (TKO)

BIGGEST SOKOUDJOU WIN: over Antonio Rogerio Nogueira by KO at PRIDE 33 (2/07)

Ikuhisa “Minowaman” Minowa is 43-30, with 28 wins by submission, 8 wins by decision and 6 wins by TKO. Minowa has lost 14 times by decision, lost 9 times by (T)KO and lost 7 times by submission. Minowa is 3-3 in DREAM, and is coming off a win over Hong Man Choi at DREAM 11 (10/09).

DREAM/SRC W: Hong Man Choi (SUB), Bob Sapp (SUB), Kwan Bum Lee (SUB)

DREAM/SRC L: Katsuyori Shibata (UD), Masakatsu Funaki (SUB), Taiei Kin (UD)

BIGGEST MINOWA WIN: over Bob Sapp by Achilles Lock Submission at DREAM 9 (5/09)

MADNESS LEVEL (1-10): 8 – Finale to a crazy tournament that featured Hong Man Choi beating up Jose Canseco, and then losing to Minowaman, who is a foot and a half shorter and several weight classes smaller. Minowa slayed two giants to get to the finals of this freakshow tournament, also tapping out Bob Sapp in the opening round. In a wacky twist, Sokoudjou also advanced over Sapp, after Gegard Mousasi had to pull out of his semi-final fight and was replaced by Sapp. Who knows, maybe Bob Sapp will make a run-in during this fight, pro-wrestling style, and a three-way finale will ensue. If not, expect Sokoudjou to overwhelm Minowa with his strength and athleticism. Sokoudjou is a better fighter than both Hong Man Choi and Bob Sapp combined in every possible facet. Minowa’s heart is bigger than his body, though, so he won’t go down without a helluva fight. This should be a really fun battle while it lasts.

LOGIC SAYS: Sokoudjou by KO –OR– Minowa by SUB

PREDICTION: Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou