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UFC 112 MADMAN ROUNDTABLE - Staff Predictions, Discussion and Madness Levels for Every Fight on Abu Dhabi Card


Welcome to the Madman Roundtable for UFC 112: INVINCIBLE, to be held Saturday April 10, 2010. For each major MMA event, we'll feature a roundtable discussion of the fights, including Madness Levels and Predictions for each and every fight on the card.

This roundtable features madmen Eric Van Den Haas, Randy Rowles, Jerry Cattelane, Johnny Nguyen and Josh King, as well as the picks of Michael Sheppard, the number one contender for the Madman Prediction Championship. Sheppard will be going head-to-head for the title with his UFC 112 picks against those of Madman Prediction Champion Eric Van Den Haas.

Madness Levels are in parenthesis. They indicate the level of excitement a staff member has for a fight based on a scale of 1 to 10. The numbers in brackets beside the fighters' names indicate how many staff members picked the respective fighters to win.


FIGHTER A [number of predictions to win] vs. FIGHTER B [same]

STAFF MEMBER - (Madness Level on scale of 1-10) Discussion. Prediction



Average Madness Level (1-10): 3.2

ERIC VAN DEN HAAS – (3) According to Madsen, "I'm gonna torture you. It's amusing to me. All you can do is pray for a quick death, which you ain't gonna get." Okay, fine... that's not Jon Madsen but he'll be like Mike (Mr. Blonde) and maintain top control for most of the full 15. Jon Madsen by Unanimous Decision

RANDY ROWLES – (5) Classic striker vs grappler...or is it? Al Turk is a slugger no doubt, but he has BJJ chops and may be forced to fight a smarter fight against Madsen, who will likely be looking to take the fight to the mat. Mostapha Al Turk by TKO in Round 2

JERRY CATTELANE – (4) I like Al Turk's look here and a reasonable matchup for him. It's about time he gets a downturn in competition. Mostapha Al Turk by Unanimous Decision

JOHNNY NGUYEN – (2) I’m gonna go with Mostapha Al Turk by Decision

JOSH KING – (2) Jon Madsen by virtue of training with Lesnar. TKO 1st round

MICHAEL SHEPPARD – Mostapha Al Turk by KO in Round 1


Average Madness Level (1-10): 4

VAN DEN HAAS – (6) I'm rolling with the H.I.T. Squad in Abu Dhabi. Paul Kelly taps and the UFC has seen enough of him. Matt Veach by Submission in Round 2

ROWLES – (6) This one will come down to whether or not Kelly can tag Veach good enough, before getting taken to the mat and worked over with ground and pound. Matt Veach by Unanimous Decision

CATTELANE – (3) Liking Veach's advantage on the feet. Matt Veach by Unanimous Decision

NGUYEN – (3) This one is kinda hard to pick since both lost their last fight. I’m gonna go with Matt Veach by 2nd Round TKO

KING – (2) Matt Veach by wrestling. Decision

SHEPPARD – Matt Veach by Submission in Round 2


Average Madness Level (1-10): 4

VAN DEN HAAS – (7) DaMarques DaMolished! Bad Brad By Bloody Beatdown! Brad Blackburn by KO in Round 2

ROWLES – (4) Both guys have no quit in them. Brad Blackburn by TKO in Round 2

CATTELANE – (4) Tough one to call. Let's go with Brad Blackburn by Unanimous Decision

NGUYEN – (3) Brad has some good stand-up but DaMarques has great ground game and heart. DaMarques Johnson by 3rd Round Submission

KING – (2) Brad Blackburn by TKO

SHEPPARD – Brad Blackburn by Unanimous Decision

BELLATOR 13 RESULTS - We Go from March Madness to Bellator Madness, Let the Fighting Tournaments Begin!

The second season of Bellator tournaments kicked off Thursday night April 8, 2010 with BELLATOR FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS XIII at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. The four tournament bouts aired live on Fox Sports Net. Bellator's most significant talent acquisition to date, Roger "El Matador" Huerta, was in action along with DREAM Featherweight Grand Prix semi finalist Joe Warren.


[Lightweight Quarterfinal]
Carey Vanier (8-2) won by TKO over Joe Duarte (5-2) in R3. [14:14]

[Lightweight Quarterfinal]
Roger Huerta (22-3) won by SUB over Chad Hinton (6-1) in R3. [10:56]

[Featherweight Quarterfinal]
Joe Warren (3-1) won by UD over Eric Marriott (17-4). [15:00]

[Featherweight Quarterfinal]
Georgi Karakhanyan (13-1) won by KO over Bao Quach (17-10) in R1. [4:05]

Vagner Rocha (5-0) won by TKO over Francisco Soares (3-2) by TKO in R2. [7:07]

Edson Diniz (10-3) won by SUB over John Kelly (4-1) in R1. [4:36]

Mikey Gomez (10-8) won by UD over Moyses Gabin (4-3). [15:00]

Chris Manuel (7-3) won by SUB over Ralph Acosta (4-5) in R3. [10:35]

Updated MMA win-loss records with total fight time in brackets.

UD = Unanimous Decision | SUB = Submission | R = Round


Roger Huerta

Carey Vanier


Georgi Karakhanyan

Joe Warren

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

INSANE UFC 112 PREVIEW: Betting Odds, Chances of Fighters Winning, Statistical Analysis and Predictions for Every Fight

Go into insane detail in this preview of UFC 112: INVINCIBLE. Includes breakdowns of betting odds with analysis, win-loss records, UFC wins and losses, biggest victories, fighter profiles and backgrounds, logical outcomes, Madness Levels and Madman Predictions for every single fight on the card. UFC 112: INVINCIBLE will be held Saturday April 10, 2010 at the Concert Arena in Ferrari World on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The main card will air live in North America on PPV starting at 1:00 pm EST, and will replay in the normal 10:00 pm EST tiemslot.

Betting lines are for entertainment purposes only and are included here to illustrate oddsmakers' projections.

Madness Levels indicate the amount of insanity inspired in anticipation of a fight on a scale of one to ten.

Think you've to what it takes to become the Madman Prediction Champion? Enter the UFC 112: INVINCIBLE MADMAN PREDICTION CONTEST where you pick the winners and earn your chance to go head-to-head with the Madman Prediction Champion at UFC 113!

Striving to be the most analytically astute fight preview column possible. Let the madness begin...

UD = Unanimous | SD = Split | MD = Majority Decision | SUB = Submission | (T)KO = (Technical)Knockout



Heavyweight Bout

JON MADSEN (-315) = 73% chance of winning

MOSTAPHA AL TURK (+255) = 27% chance of winning

Jon Madsen is 4-0, with 2 wins by decision and 2 wins by (T)KO. Madsen is 1-0 in the UFC, and is coming off a win over Justin Wren at the UFC TUF 10 Finale (12/09).


AGE: 30  HEIGHT: 6’0”  WEIGHT: 252

FIGHTING OUT OF: Granite City, Illinois (AMERICAN)

FIGHTING STYLE: H.I.T. Squad wrestler, trains with Matt Hughes, Robbie Lawler

BACKGROUND: TUF 10, decorated high school and collegiate wrestler

UFC W: Justin Wren (SD)

UFC L: none

BIGGEST MADSEN WIN: over Justin Wren by Split Decision at UFC TUF 10 Finale (12/09)

Mostapha Al Turk is 6-5, with 4 wins by TKO and 2 wins by submission (both due to punches). Al Turk has lost 3 times by TKO and lost once by submission. Al Turk is 0-2 in the UFC, and is coming off a loss to Mirko Cro Cop at UFC 99 (6/09).


AGE: 36  HEIGHT: 6’2”  WEIGHT: 235


FIGHTING STYLE: BJJ, Derribo y golpes (Demolition and blows)

BACKGROUND: Has trained with London Shootfighters for past 10 years, 2005 ADCC European Champion

UFC W: none

UFC L: Mirko Cro Cop (TKO), Cheick Kongo (TKO)

BIGGEST AL TURK WIN: over James McSweeney by TKO at CAGE RAGE 27 (7/08)

MADNESS LEVEL (1-10): 5 – The loser of this fight most certainly will be released from the UFC. Mostapha Al Turk was given another shot in the UFC after his last fight ended with a shady eyepoke TKO loss to Mirko Cro Cop. The referee didn’t seen Cro Cop poking Al Turk in the eye, so he didn’t pause the fight and Cro Cop pounced for the finish. Had the fight been stopped for the doctor to examine Al Turk’s eye, the bout likely would’ve been called off due to Al Turk's seriously messed-up eye, and ruled a No Contest for the unintentional illegal blow. Jon Madsen squeaked by fellow TUF 10 heavyweight Justin Wren with a split decision victory in what was the first Octagon bout for both fighters. Wren was released from the UFC shortly thereafter, so Madsen is quite lucky to have been on the right side of the deciding judge’s scorecard. Al Turk likes to stand and bang, but Madsen will likely use his wrestling to take this fight to the ground. I'm banking on Al Turk surprising Madsen with his power and underrated jiu jitsu game, and using some of his vicious ground and pound for the upset TKO victory.

PREDICTION: Mostapha Al Turk

Monday, April 5, 2010

VIDEO: Bob Sapp Wins! Bob Sapp Wins! - The Beast Takes a Trip to Croatia to Pick Up His First MMA Win Since 2008

K-1 ColliZion 2010 Croatia - Actual fight starts around the 4:15 minute mark.

Roxanne Modafferi vs Tara LaRosa Part 2 - Kickass Rematch Going Down May 21 at Moosin: God of Martial Arts

At today's MOOSIN: GOD OF MARTIAL ARTS press conference, a rematch was announced between Roxanne Modafferi and Tara LaRosa for the American debut of the promotion on May 21, 2010 at the DCU Center in Worcester. The ladies will compete at 130-pounds on the Massachusetts card headlined by super heavyweights Tim Sylvia and 5-time World's Strongest Man Mariusz Pudzianowski. Promoter Monte Cox indicated the promotion still needs to clear Modafferi's participation with Strikeforce, where she has an open contract, but Modafferi recently fought at KING OF THE CAGE: TORYUMON in Japan, so there likely won't be any conflict with Strikeforce.

Roxanne Modafferi (14-5) is coming off a rear naked choke submission win over Molly Helsel at the Japanese debut of King of the Ring in January 2010. Modafferi lives and trains in Japan, where she teaches English to Japanese students as her dayjob. Since signing with Strikeforce, Modafferi has fought once under the their banner, losing to Marloes Coenen in a number one contender fight for the Strikeforce Women's Middleweight Championship at STRIKEFORCE: FEDOR VS ROGERS. Modafferi moved up to 145-pounds for the Coenen fight, which was also a rematch, but was only able to last just over a minute before Coenen used her strength advantage to force an armbar tapout. For this rematch with Tara LaRosa, Modafferi will be fighting at a more natural 130-pounds.

Tara LaRosa (18-1) is currently ranked #3 in the Madman Top 10 Women's Pound-for-Pound Rankings. LaRosa has won 15 straight fights. Her only loss was nearly 7 years ago, by TKO to Jennifer Howe in May 2003. Howe went on to lose two straight fights to Roxanne Modafferi, before retiring from the sport after a rebound victory in May 2005. Although LaRosa found herself on the losing end against Howe, unlike Howe, she was able to defeat Modafferi, scoring a unanimous decision victory over Modaefferi in March 2006. Modafferi will now get a chance to revenge that loss in March 2010 at MOOSIN: GOD OF MARTIAL ARTS.


Bellator Fighting Championship Second Season Kicks Off Thursday Night -- 4/8/10 Fight Card with Roger Huerta in Action


Season 2, Week 1

Location: Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida

Broadcast: Fox Sports Net


[Lightweight Quarterfinal]
Joe Duarte (5-1) vs. Carey Vanier (7-2)

[Lightweight Quarterfinal]
Chad Hinton (6-0) vs. Roger Huerta (21-3)

[Featherweight Quarterfinal]
Eric Marriott (17-3) vs. Joe Warren (2-1)

[Featherweight Quarterfinal Bout]
Georgi Karakhanyan (12-1) vs. Bao Quach (17-9)


Vagner Rocha (4-0) vs. Francisco Soares (3-1)

Edson Diniz (9-3) vs. John Kelly (4-0)

Ralph Acosta (4-4) vs. Chris Manuel (6-3)

Moyses Gabin (4-2) vs. Mickey Gomez (9-8)


KSW XIII: KUMITE -- 5/7/10 Fight Card in Poland with Mariusz Pudzianowski

KSW 13: KUMITE -- May 7, 2010

Location: Spodek in Katowice, Poland

{Light Heavyweight Championship}
Mamed Khalidov (20-4) vs. Ryuta Sakurai (20-15)

Mariusz Dominator Pudzianowski (1-0) vs. Yusuke Kawaguchi (11-1)

{Middleweight Championship}
Vitor Nobrega (9-2) vs. Krzysztof Model Kulak (22-12)

[Heavyweight Tournament Final]
Konstantin Gluhov (6-4) vs. David The Mayan Assassin Olivia (4-0)

[Light Heavyweight Tournament Quarterfinal]
Jan Blachowicz (8-2) vs. Julio Brutus (6-0)

[Light Heavyweight Tournament Quarterfinal]
Tomasz Molski (0-1) vs. Wojciech The Gentleman Orlowski (2-2)

[Light Heavyweight Tournament Quarterfinal]
Lukasz Skibski (5-1) vs. Attila Pumukli Vegh (17-2)

[Light Heavyweight Tournament Quarterfinal]
Grigor Aschugbabjan (4-2) vs. Daniel The Gladiator Tabera (14-2)

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