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MFC 25 RESULTS: Vindication Recap with Madman Awards from Edmonton 5/7/10

MAXIMUM FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP 25: VINDICATION was held Friday May 7, 2010 at the Edmonton EXPO Centre at Northlands in Canada. The main card aired live on HDNet in North America. In the main event, Thales Leites picked up his third straight win since losing back-to-back fights and being dumped from the UFC. Leites made short work of TUF 7 finalist Jesse "JT Money" Taylor with a triangle armbar just under two and a half minutes into the first round.

Another former UFC fighter, Wilson Gouveia, fought for the first time outside of the UFC in almost 4 years. Gouveia was also dumped from the big leagues after back-to-back losses. Despite putting on a Fight of the Night performance in a losing effort against Alan Belcher at UFC 107, Gouveia was released from Octagon duties, in part because he had failed to make the 185-pound weight limit for the fight. Now, at MFC 25, Gouveia was fighting at light heavyweight, 20 pounds heavier, however, he once again failed to make weight, coming in 3 pounds heavy at 208 pounds. What this pattern shows is a lack of discipline.

This lack of discipline showed in Wilson Gouveia's fight with Ryan "Big Deal" Jimmo. Although Gouveia was a favorite on the betting lines, it didn't look that way once the fight started. Jimmo beat up Gouveia for the first round, and was battering him with vicious elbows and punches towards the end of the second round, to the point where the fight should have been stopped. The second round was a 10-8 round if ever one existed. To his credit, Gouveia would not die. He looked fat and slow, but he has so much inherit talent that his body would not let him quit, even if it appears he's burnt out as a fighter. This is now Gouveia's third straight loss, and he seems to need a vacation.

Assuming Ryan Jimmo doesn't sign with the UFC before his next fight, it will be against Emanuel "The Hardcore Kid" Newton for the vacant MFC Light Heavyweight Championship. MFC had likely been hoping for a Wilson Gouveia victory, because Jimmo and Newton just fought at MFC 23, and it was a complete snoozefest. Newton proclaims that he has changed his lifestyle and is a different fighter now. It did appear this way as Newton outpointed Dwayne Lewis for fifteen minutes, and looked much better than he did against Jimmo. Newton won by unanimous decision to set up the future title fight. I would not, however, be surprised to hear Jimmo has signed with the UFC after this impressive performance against a former top UFC prospect.

Pete "Secret Weapon" Spratt won his second straight MFC fight, scoring a TKO over Luigi "The Italian Tank" Fioravanti, who came down with a case of food poisoning before this fight and was clearly not fighting up to his ability. Fioravanti had significant trouble trying to take Spratt down, and his lackadaisical stand-up was no match for the heat Spratt was bringing. Spratt was firing on all cylinders. Fioravanti chugged along for three rounds, but finally succumbed to punches near the end of the fight, after taking one too many kicks to the liver.

Gavin "Forrest" Neil made it look easy against former UFC TUF 6 fighter Richie "The Dirty Samurai" Hightower, who was fighting at lightweight for the first time in his career. Neil slapped around Hightower for a couple of minutes, and then sunk in a read-naked choke for the submission win.

The opening televised fight was the least entertaining of the main card fights. Chase Gormley used his wrestling to ground and pound Ryan "The Vanilla Gorilla" Fortin for most of the duration of their 3-round fight. Gormley never brought the pain in a way that was going to end the fight, and Fortin seemed to have no answer for Gormley's wrestling...or really any gameplan at all that was discernable. Fortin did not look good, and although Gormley walked away the winner, he couldn't have picked up a whole lot of new fans with such a plodding victory.


Thales Leites (17-3) won by SUB over Jesse Taylor (14-6) in R1. [2:27]

Ryan Jimmo (13-1) won by UD over Wilson Gouveia (12-8). [15:00]

Emanuel Newton (13-6) won by UD over Dwayne Lewis (11-5). [15:00]

Pete Spratt (21-17) won by TKO over Luigi Fioravanti (16-7) in R3. [14:02]

Gavin Neil (8-1) won by SUB over Richie Hightower (8-4) in R1. [2:52]

Chase Gormley (7-2) won by UD over Ryan Fortin (3-3). [15:00]

Chad Freeman (4-3) won by SUB over Mike Froese (3-3) in R1. [3:48]

Keto Allen (4-0) won by TKO over Aaron Berke (4-2) in R1. [2:58]

Jevon Marshall (1-0) won by SUB over Garret Nybakken (1-1) in R3. [12:00]

Complete MMA win-loss records with total fight time in brackets.

UD = Unanimous | SD = Split Decision | SUB = Submission | R = Round


FIGHT OF THE NIGHT: Ryan Jimmo vs. Wilson Gouveia

KO OF THE NIGHT: Pete Spratt (over Luigi Fioravanti)

SUB OF THE NIGHT: Thales Leites (Triangle Armbar over Jesse Taylor)

QUICKEST WIN: Thales Leites over Jesse Taylor in 147 seconds

BIGGEST UPSET: Pete Spratt (+220) over Luigi Fioravanti


KSW 13 RESULTS: Mariusz Pudzianowski Warms Up for Tim Sylvia in Poland 5/7/10

KSW 13: KUMITE was held May 7, 2010 at the Spodek in Katowice, Poland. Five-time World's Strongest Man Mariusz "Dominator" Pudzianowski won a majority decision over Yusuke Kawaguchi in the co-main event. Pudzianowski is next scheduled to fight Tim Sylvia in less than 2 weeks, on May 21 at MOOSIN: GOD OF MARTIAL ARTS in Worcester, Massachusetts.

After the main event, the KSW Light Heavyweight Championship remained vacant due to a dreaded draw between Mamed Khalidov and Ryuta Sakurai. Khalidov scored a huge knockout win over Sengoku Middleweight Champion Jorge Santiago last year, and was thought to be a rising star. After a loss in a rematch with Santiago and this draw with journeyman Sakurai, Khalidov should officially be back off the radar.

This event featured the quarterfinals and semifinals of a Light Heavyweight Tournament. Spain's top MMA fighter, Daniel "The Gladiator" Tabera advanced to the finals with two victories. He will face Polish fighter Jan Blachowicz, the other winner of two fights, at the next KSW event for the tournament crown. The Heavyweight Tournament that started at the last event was decided at KSW 13. American David "The Mayan Assassin" Oliva outpointed Latvian fighter Konstantin Gluhov.


{Light Heavyweight Championship}
Mamed Khalidov (20-4-2) and Ryuta Sakurai (20-15-6) ruled a Draw after R4. [18:00]

Mariusz Pudzianowski (2-0) won by MD over Yusuke Kawaguchi (11-2). [10:00]

Jan Blachowicz (10-2) won by SUB over Wojciech Orlowski (3-3) in R1. [1:37]

Daniel Tabera (16-2) won by SUB over Attila Vegh (18-3) in R1. [4:57]

{Middleweight Championship}
Krzysztof Kulak (23-12) won by UD over Vitor Nobrega (9-3). [15:00]

[Heavyweight Tournament Final]
David Oliva (5-0) won by UD over Konstantin Gluhov (6-5). [15:00]

Jan Blachowicz (9-2) won by KO over Julio Brutus (6-1) in R1. [3:40]

Wojciech Orlowski (3-2) won by TKO over Tomasz Molski (0-2) in R1. [1:07]

Attlia Vegh (18-2) won by TKO over Lukasz Skibski (5-2) in R1. [4:53]

Daniel Tabera (15-2) won by UD over Grigor Aschugbajan (4-3). [10:00]

Complete MMA win-loss records with total fight time in brackets.

UD = Unanimous | MD = Majority Decision | SUB = Submission | R = Round

UFC 113 MADMAN ROUNDTABLE - Staff Predictions, Discussion and Madness Levels for Every Fight on the Montreal Card

Welcome to the Madman Roundtable for UFC 113: MACHIDA VS SHOGUN 2, to be held Saturday May 8, 2010 at the Bell Center in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The event will air live on PPV with a main event title fight.

For each major MMA event, we feature a roundtable discussion of the fights, including Predictions and Madness Levels. This roundtable features madmen Josh King, Eric Van Den Haas, Johnny Nguyen, Randy Rowles and Jerry Cattelane.

Madman Prediction Champion Eric Van Den Haas will defend his title in head-to-head competition with UFC 112 Madman Prediction Contest winner Eric Yeates.

Josh King is our defending Madman Roundtable Champion, winning the WEC 48 Madman Roundtable.

Madness Levels are in parenthesis. They indicate the level of excitement a staff member has for a fight based on a scale of 1 to 10. The numbers in brackets beside the fighters' names indicate how many staff members picked the respective fighters to win.



Average Madness Level (1-10): 2.8

JOSH KING – (2) The most interesting thing about this fight was the David Loiseau mob connection thing. Jason MacDonald by Decision

ERIC VAN DEN HAAS – (2) Not many handles worse than "The Athlete"... uggh! I'm picking the prospect to out-wrassle the never was. John Salter by TKO in the 3rd Round

JOHNNY NGUYEN – (4) I’m gonna have to go with The Athlete. Jason MacDonald by Decision

RANDY ROWLES – (2) Salter should be able to use his wrestling to control the fight until he can pound out a victory. John Salter by KO in Round 2

JERRY CATTELANE – (4) I've always thought MacDonald was a pretty tough fighter, but wondering if his window of opportunity (i.e. UFC contract) is closing. I'm leaning John Salter here by Unanimous Decision


Average Madness Level (1-10): 3.8

KING – (2) Guymon doesn't seem to be in the right mindset, gonna go Yoshiyuki Yoshida by Decision

VAN DEN HAAS – (5) Submission of the night bonus for Zenko with an EPMD-like performance... snapping necks and cashin' large checks. Yoshiyuki Yoshida by Submission in the 2nd Round

NGUYEN – (5) I just don't see Guymon bringing anything to throw Yoshida off his game. Yoshiyuki Yoshida by 2nd Round rear naked choke Submission

ROWLES – (4) Yoshida is badass. Guymon is a good guy, but overmatched here. Back to KOTC for The Joker. Yoshiyuki Yoshida by Submission in Round 1

CATTELANE – (3) Yoshiyuki Yoshida by straightforward takedown and Submission in the First Round

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BELLATOR 17 RESULTS: Lightweight Tournament Finals are Set and Roger Huerta Isn't One of the Finalists - 5/6/10

BELLATOR FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS 17 was held Thursday May 6, 2010 at the Citi Performing Arts Center Wang Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts. The fifth event of the second season produced the biggest upset so far. Pat Curran scored a unanimous decision victory over former UFC Sports Illustrated cover boy Roger "El Matador" Huerta, who was expected to cruise through the tournament and fight Eddie Alvarez for the Bellator Lightweight Championship later this year.

Speaking of the Bellator Lightweight Champion, Eddie Alvarez was in action at BELLATOR 17, in a non-title fight with Josh "The Dentist" Neer. Alvarez choked Neer unconscious in the second stanza. Toby Imada tapped out Carey Vanier to capture the second spot in the Bellator Lightweight Tournament. Imada and Curran will fight for number one contender status and the completion of a $100,000 season sometime in the next coming weeks. Two-time NCAA Division I 285-pound champion Cole Konrad won his Bellator debut, with a decision victory over Pat Bennett, in a swing bout that ended up being the de facto main event.


Cole Konrad (3-0) won by UD over Patrick Bennett (1-1). [15:00]

Eddie Alvarez (20-2) won by SUB over Josh Neer (27-10) in R2. [7:08]

Pat Curran (11-3) won by UD over Roger Huerta (21-4). [15:00]

Toby Imada (25-13) won by SUB over Carey Vanier (8-3) in R2. [7:33]

Justin Torrey (6-0) won by TKO over Lance Everson (12-8) in R2. [8:55]

Greg Rebello (10-1) won by UD over John Doyle (9-14). [15:00]

Josh LaBerge (4-4) won by TKO over Dan Bonnell (9-7) in R1. [0:40]

Chuck O'Neil (7-3) won by TKO over Damian Vitale (4-3) in R3. [11:02]

Complete MMA win-loss records with total fight time in brackets.

UD = Unanimous | SD = Split Decision | SUB = Submission | R = Round

TACHI PALACE FIGHTS 4 RESULTS: Cinco De Mayhem 5/5/10 - Olympic Silver Medalist Stephen Abas Makes MMA Debut

TACHI PALACE FIGHTS 4 was held Wednesday May 5, 2010 at the Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino in Lemoore, California -- the same venue that served as birthplace and home of the WEC for years.

In the main event, Ulysses "Useless" Gomez won the TPF Flyweight Championship in a fight with Luis Gonzales for the vacant 125-pound title. Gomez will next be seen in Bellator's Season 3 Bantamweight Tournament. The TPF Welterweight Champion, David Mitchell, is a man we should soon be seeing in the UFC. Mitchell can also fight at middleweight, and has rattled off five straight wins over really strong competitors. Starting with this win over former WEC and UFC fighter Tim "Wrecking Machine" McKenzie, Mitchell has also beaten "King" Bobby Green (13-3), War Machine (10-3), Josh Neal (6-9) and Jeff Morris (8-5), all in a row.

Darrell "The Mongoose" Montague and Russ Miura both improved their records to 7-1, while Phil Collins used a groovy kinda heel hook to blemish Morris Aldaco's perfect record. In a bantamweight bout, 2004 Olympic freestyle wrestling silver medalist, Stephen Abas, made his MMA debut, and won a majority decision over perennial loser Sam Stevens-Milo.


{Flyweight Championship}
Ulysses Gomez (6-1) won by UD over Luis Gonzales (2-3). [25:00]

Poppies Martinez (18-6) won by SUB over Darren Crisp (7-6) in R1. [2:46]

Casey Olson (12-3) won by UD over Shawn Klarcyk (9-6). [9:00]

David Mitchell (10-0) won by SUB over Tim McKenzie (12-7) in R1. [1:10]

Alexander Crispim (5-2) won by UD over Enoch Wilson (13-7). [9:00]

Phil Collins (9-5) won by SUB over Morris Aldaco (6-1) in R1. [2:25]

Darrell Montague (7-1) won by KO over Jeremy Bolt (22-10) in R3. [8:21]

Stephen Abas (1-0) won by MD over Sam Stevens-Milo (1-6). [9:00]

Russ Miura (7-1) won by SUB over Jesse Bowen (7-4) in R2. [3:58]

Mark Matthews (3-4-1) vs Mickey Martinez (2-2-1) was ruled a No Contest.

Romulo Melo (4-0) won by UD over Chase Hackett (1-1). [9:00]

Complete MMA win-loss records with total fight time in brackets.

UD = Unanimous | SD = Split Decision | SUB = Submission | R = Round

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INSANE UFC 113 PREVIEW: Betting Odds, Chances of Fighters Winning, Statistical Analysis and Predictions for Every Fight

Go into insane detail in this preview of UFC 113: MACHIDA VS SHOGUN 2. Includes breakdowns of betting odds with analysis, win-loss records, UFC wins and losses, biggest victories, fighter profiles and backgrounds, Madness Levels and Madman Predictions for every single fight. UFC 113: MACHIDA VS SHOGUN 2 will be held Saturday May 8, 2010 at the Bell Center in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The main card will air live on PPV, featuring an epic title rematch main event. UFC 113 will feature an unofficial best-of-7 fight series between Canada and the United States.

Betting lines are for entertainment purposes only and are included here to illustrate oddsmakers' projections.

Madness Levels indicate the amount of insanity inspired in anticipation of a fight on a scale of 1 to 10. A numerical translation of just how excited I am for each fight.

Striving to be the most analytically astute fight preview column possible. Let the madness begin...

UD = Unanimous | SD = Split | MD = Majority Decision | SUB = Submission | (T)KO = (Technical)Knockout



Middleweight Bout

JASON MACDONALD (-150) = 57% chance of winning

JOHN SALTER (+120) = 43% chance of winning


Jason MacDonald is 24-13, with 18 wins by submission and 3 wins by TKO. MacDonald has lost 5 times by decision and lost 4 times each by TKO and submission. MacDonald is 5-5 in the UFC, and is coming off a decision win over Matt Horwich at LGIO MMA 1 (4/10).

AGE: 34  HEIGHT: 6’3”  WEIGHT: 185

FIGHTING OUT OF: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (CANADIAN)

FIGHTING STYLE: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

UFC W: Jason Lambert (SUB), Joe Doerksen (TKO), Rory Singer (TKO), Chris Leben (SUB), Ed Herman (SUB)

UFC L: Nate Quarry (TKO), Wilson Gouveia (SUB), Demian Maia (SUB), Yushin Okami (UD), Rich Franklin (TKO)

BIGGEST WIN: over Chris Leben by Guillotine Choke Submission at UFC 66 (12/06)


John Salter is 4-1, with 2 wins by (T)KO and 2 wins by submission. Salter’s only loss was by TKO. Salter is 0-1 in the UFC, and is coming off a loss to Gerald Harris at UFC Fight Night 20 (1/10).

AGE: 25  HEIGHT: 6’1”  WEIGHT: 185

FIGHTING OUT OF: Tuscaloosa, Alabama (AMERICAN)


UFC L: Gerald Harris (TKO)

BIGGEST WIN: over current TUF 11 participant James Hammortree by Submission at UEP: VENDETTA (7/09)


Jason MacDonald just fought 2 weeks ago at LGIO MMA 1 in a 3-round fight with Matt Horwich on April 23, which was only a month after MacDonald submitted Vernon "Tiger" White in W1 on March 20. This fight will mark MacDonald's third consecutive month with a fight. The question is -- will it be his third month in a row with a win? Salter is a seriously accomplished wrestler who lost in his UFC debut, filling in as a late replacement against Gerald Harris, who is a fighter on a mission in the UFC. Now Salter is in his first UFC fight specifically booked for him, but this time it's his opponents who are changing. Originally, Salter was scheduled to fight Nick Catone, but he had to withdraw due to a back injury. David Loiseau, who had been lobbying hard for a UFC return, was named as a replacement, but was rejected by the Montreal Athletic Commission due to suspected Loiseau mafia ties, which were unfounded and when challenged, the commission backtracked and granted Loiseau a license. The problem is, MacDonald had already been named as replacement number two for UFC 113. Loiseau will instead be booked at UFC 115 in Vancouver, and expect a lawsuit to be filed against the Montreal Athletic Commission for slander.

PREDICTION: John Salter by KO in Round 2

VIDEO: Strikeforce Challengers 8 - Matt Lindland vs Kevin Casey Preview with 5/21/10 Showtime Portland Fight Card


Location: Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon

Broadcast: Showtime


Kevin King Casey (3-1) vs. Matt The Law Lindland (21-7)

Nathan Coy (8-2) vs. Tyron T-Wood Woodley (6-0)

Roger Bowling (7-0) vs. Bobby Voelker (21-7)

Nate Moore (6-1) vs. Tarec The Sponge Saffiedine (8-2)

Pat Bam Bam Healy (22-15) vs. Bryan Travers (13-1)


Pro Escobedo (1-0) vs. Jason Sharp (1-0)


MOOSIN: GOD OF MARTIAL ARTS -- 5/21 Fight Card with Tim Sylvia vs World's Strongest Man Mariusz Pudzianowski


Location: DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts

Broadcast: PPV


Mariusz Dominator Pudzianowski (2-0) vs. Tim The Maine-iac Sylvia (25-6)

Josh Barnes (5-4) vs. Travis Diesel Wiuff (60-14)

Travis The Serial Killer Lutter (10-5) vs. Rafael Sapo Natal (11-2)

Mike The Beast Campbell (6-2) vs. Yves The Texas Gunslinger Edwards (37-15)

Tara LaRosa (18-1) vs. Roxanne Roxy Modafferi (14-5)


Lukasz Juras Jurkowski (14-9) vs. Ho Jin Kim (7-6)

Matt Lee (11-9) vs. Brett Oteri (4-1)

Ralph Johnson (4-0) vs. Forrest The Meat Cleaver Petz (17-7)

Paul Barry (4-0) vs. Stipe Miocic (1-0)

Frederic The French Zohan Belleton (6-2) vs. Anthony The Recipe Lapsley (17-4)

Lyndon Byers vs. Eric Butterbean Esch

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BELLATOR FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS 19 -- 5/20/10 Fight Card in Dallas, Texas


Season 2, Week 7

Location: Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie, Texas

Broadcast: Fox Sports Net


Diego The Octopus Saraiva (18-8) vs. Joe The Hammer Soto (8-0)

[Welterweight Semifinal]
Ben Funky Askren (4-0) vs. Ryan The Tank Engine Thomas (11-4)

[Welterweight Semifinal]
Steve Carl (10-1) vs. Dan The Handler Hornbuckle (20-2)

Scott Barrett (9-1) vs. Ty Lee (7-0)


Douglas Frey (7-3) vs. Aaron Wise (1-4)

Josh Smith (1-1) vs. Donyiell Winrow (1-0)

Johnny Bedford (15-8) vs. Jared Lopez (8-8)

Joe Jitsu Christopher (9-3) vs. Brandon McDowell (31-26)

Chas Skelly (6-0) vs. Daniel Pineda (10-6)

BELLATOR FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS 17 -- 5/6/10 Fight Card in Boston


Season 2, Week 5

Location: Citi Performing Arts Center Wang Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts

Broadcast: Fox Sports Net


Eddie Alvarez (19-2) vs. Josh The Dentist Neer (27-9)

[Lightweight Semifinal]
Pat Curran (10-3) vs. Roger El Matador Huerta (21-3)

[Lightweight Semifinal]
Toby Imada (24-13) vs. Carey Vanier (8-2)

Patrick Bennett (1-0) vs. Cole Konrad (2-0)


Lance Everson (12-7) vs. Justin Torrey (5-0)

John The Iron Bull Doyle (9-13) vs. Greg Rebello (9-1)

Dan Bonnell (9-6) vs. Josh LaBerge (3-4)

Chuck O'Neil (6-3) vs. Damian Vitale (4-2)

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UFC 113: MACHIDA VS SHOGUN 2 - 5/8/10 Fight Card in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

UFC 113: MACHIDA VS SHOGUN 2 -- May 8, 2010

Location: Bell Center in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Broadcast: PPV


{Light Heavyweight Championship}
Lyoto The Dragon Machida (16-0) vs. Mauricio Shogun Rua (18-4)

Paul Semtex Daley (23-8) vs. Josh Kos Koscheck (14-4)

Jeremy Lil' Heathen Stephens (16-5) vs. Sam Hands of Stone Stout (15-5)

Matt Mitrione (1-0) vs. Kimbo Slice (4-1)

Alan The Talent Belcher (15-6) vs. Patrick The Predator Cote (13-5)


Joe El Dirte Doerksen (44-12) vs. Tom Filthy Lawlor (6-2)

Marcus Irish Hand Grenade Davis (16-6) vs. Jonathan Road Warrior Goulet (22-10)

T.J. Grant (15-3) vs. Johny Hendricks (7-0)

Joey The Mexecutioner Beltran (11-3) vs. Tim The Thrashing Machine Hague (10-3)

Mike The Joker Guymon (11-3) vs. Yoshiyuki Zenko Yoshida (11-4)

Jason The Athlete MacDonald (24-13) vs. John Salter (4-1)

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VIDEO: Joe Rogan and Michael 'The Voice' Schiavello Debate The Fight of All Fights - Fedor Emelianenko vs Brock Lesnar

UFC commentator Joe Rogan sat down with HDNet announcer Michael "The Voice" Schiavello for a one-on-one interview, which aired on HDNet as THE VOICE VS JOE ROGAN.

Follow Joe Rogan and Michael Schiavello on Twitter