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BELLATOR FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS 28 - 9/9/10 Fight Card in New Orleans



Season 3, Week 5

Location: Mahalia Jackson Theater for the Performing Arts in New Orleans, Louisiana

Broadcast: FOX Sports Net


Rich No Love Clementi (36-16) vs. Carey Vanier (9-3)

Matt The Fighting Hippy Horwich (25-15) vs. Eric Schambari (12-2)

Georgi Insane Karakhanyan (13-2) vs. Anthony Leone (8-1)

Marcus Andrusia (1-0) vs. Eric Larkin (2-0)


Tonny Canales (2-7) vs. JC Pennington (20-11)

Kelvin Doss (1-1) vs. Tony The Tractor Roberts (11-6)

Brock Kerry (7-5) vs. Jonathan Mackles (7-1)

Charlie Rader (11-3) vs. Josh Rafferty (9-7)

Scott O'Shaughnessy (1-0) vs. Gabe Wood (1-1)

UFC 117 MADMAN ROUNDTABLE: Staff Predictions, Discussion, Madness Levels for Every Fight on 8/7/10 Card

Welcome to the Madman Roundtable for UFC 117: SILVA VS SONNEN, to be held Sunday August 7, 2010 at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. The main card will air live on PPV starting at 10:00 pm EST.

For each major MMA event, we feature a Roundtable discussion of the fights here at, including Predictions and Madness Levels. This roundtable features madmen Eric Van Den Haas, Randy Rowles and Johnny Nguyen.

Madness Levels are in parenthesis. They indicate the level of excitement a staff member has for a fight based on a scale of 1 to 10. The numbers in brackets beside the fighters' names indicate how many roundtable members picked the respective fighters to win.




Average Madness Level (1-10): 9

ERIC VAN DEN HAAS (8) – I'd really like to see Sonnen back up all the smack he's been talking, but it's hard to see that happening. Are we in for a classic Silva performance or 25 minutes of bullshit? I'm sayin' something in between. Anderson Silva by Submission in Round 2

RANDY ROWLES (10) – I’d love to jump the shark here at MMAmadman and pick Chael Sonnen, but the only way I can see Sonnen winning is by decision and this championship fight is 5 rounds. Sonnen’s epic trash talking has gotten Anderson Silva all riled up, so surviving 5 rounds with an angry most accurate striker in UFC history is a task that seems only surmountable in Sonnen’s delusions. Sonnen has peppered the champ with verbal jabs leading up to this fight in an attempt to get Silva to fight with emotion. Really it’s a brilliant strategy by Sonnen to try to throw Silva off his game, which is after all the best game around. I won’t lie, I’ll be rooting for Sonnen. Anderson Silva by TKO in Round 2

JOHNNY NGUYEN (9) – Man, I really hope Sonnen can back up all the shit talking he's been doing. I believe Anderson is very pissed with Chael's mouth running off and knowing if he doesn't put up a show that he's gonna get cut. Anderson Silva by 1st Round KO

Welterweight Bout


Average Madness Level (1-10): 7.3

VAN DEN HAAS (7) – Alves hasn't fought in over a year due to various health issues and injuries - this will be a real struggle for Thiago who faced Fitch before and was beaten soundly. Put some dough on the Pitbull to get neutered. Jon Fitch by Unanimous Decision

ROWLES (9) – The winner of this fight will be the number one contender for the UFC Welterweight Championship, and will fight the winner of Georges St. Pierre vs Josh Koscheck. Fitch has won four straight decisions. The last time Fitch finished a fight was over 3 years ago. Alves, who’s been on the shelf for over a year, hasn’t finished a fight in over 2 years. There’s a really good chance this rematch will go the distance. Fitch won by TKO the first time these two fought back in June 2006. I’m going with Alves tying up the series in 2010. Thiago Alves by TKO in Round 3

NGUYEN (6) – This will be interesting with Fitch winning a decision against Alves. Two totally different styles, wrestling vs a freakin Pitbull. Jon Fitch by Decision

Lightweight Bout


Average Madness Level (1-10): 6.7

VAN DEN HAAS (9) – This is a great matchup with Fight of the Night potential. While Guida's kamikaze approach to fighting endears him to the crowd it'll get him in trouble as Dos Anjos will catch him in a submission. Rafael Dos Anjos by Submission in Round 3

ROWLES (6) – As nearly every main card Clay Guida fight is, this one should be close and fast paced. Clay Guida by Split Decision

NGUYEN (5) – Dos Anjos has skill but can he handle the Guida? Clay Guida by Decision

Welterweight Bout


Average Madness Level (1-10): 7.3

VAN DEN HAAS (8) – This fight gets serious Madness for the Bruce Lee flick factor! Hughes' last win was in April against Renzo Gracie (of course Almeida is a star pupil of Renzo). Look for Ricardo to avenge his master against a past his prime Hughes. "Teacher!!!" Ricardo Almeida by Submission in Round 2

ROWLES (8) – Hughes took out Renzo Gracie, now he faces Gracie’s top student out for revenge. Ricardo Almeida by Submission in Round 1

NGUYEN (6) – Man, another hard fight for me to pick. Hughes back in the day beat Almeida in a grappling match. I’m gonna have to go with Ricardo Almeida by 2nd Round Submission

Heavyweight Bout


Average Madness Level (1-10): 8

VAN DEN HAAS (8) – Apparently both these fighters have solid ground games but they've each been gettin' it done with striking since joining the UFC. Big Country has been surprisingly impressive but Cigano has looked even better (and against tougher competition). I'm picking the Brazilian to get the next shot at the title. Junior Dos Santos by TKO in Round 2

ROWLES (9) – I’d love to see Big Country take out Dos Santos and fight for the UFC Heavyweight Championship. Nelson is a man more than ready to be giving ESPN interviews. Unfortunately, he’s fighting a train of a man. Dos Santos has been anointed with the size, power, skill and determination of a champion. The winner of this fight is next in line to fight the winner of Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez. Junior Dos Santos by KO in Round 2

NGUYEN (7) – This is gonna be a fantastic fight. Both men have great skills. This is really hard for me to pick but I’m gonna have to go with Junior Dos Santos by 1st Round KO

Welterweight Bout


Average Madness Level (1-10): 6.7

VAN DEN HAAS (7) – Story is a very well-rounded fighter and certainly has more momentum going into this fight than Hazelett. I expect he'll tell McLovin what time it is. Rick Story by Unanimous Decision

ROWLES (8) – Story has the wrestling to grind out a decision against Hazelett, but I’m banking on McLovin to catch Story with a sub at some point before the final bell. Dustin Hazelett by Submission in Round 2

NGUYEN (5) – Hazelett has a great ground game but can he handle story's tenacity? Dustin Hazelett by 1st Round Submission

Light Heavyweight Bout


Average Madness Level (1-10): 5.3

VAN DEN HAAS (6) – Wallace is 0-2 in the UFC... still around due to his Fight of the Night honors last time out (and of course the handle). But a third loss and the UFC has had 'nuff of Wallace fo sho. Phil Davis by Submission in Round 2

ROWLES (7) – Hopefully, Phil Davis is booked on a main card after this victory. Phil Davis by TKO in Round 2

NGUYEN (3) – Gonna be a decent fight but Davis' hand is gonna be raised. Phil Davis by 2nd Round Submission

Light Heavyweight Bout


Average Madness Level (1-10): 5

VAN DEN HAAS (7) – Unusual Madness for this fight perhaps but I'm a big fan of the Barbarian (two words - Mon Tage) and happy to see him back in the UFC. His opponent, Todd Brown, is making his UFC debut on short notice at 38 years of age... welcome back, Boetsch. Tim Boetsch by TKO in Round 2

ROWLES (4) – Todd Brown is a late replacement for Thiago Silva, who had to withdraw due to injury. Boetsch likely would’ve lost to Silva, but Brown is a fighter The Barbarian should be able to handle. Tim Boetsch by TKO in Round 1

NGUYEN (4) – Good to see Boetsch in the Octagon again. Tim Boetsch by Decision

Welterweight Bout


Average Madness Level (1-10): 6.3

VAN DEN HAAS (6) – The Spaniard won his UFC debut in large part due to his strong wrestling - problem is Hendricks wrestling is even better. Not many facets, if any, where Brenneman is superior and it's hard not to see him leaving the Octagon in a purple haze. Johny Hendricks by TKO in Round 2

ROWLES (8) – I’m a big fan of both fighters. Two excellent wrestlers in a fight can sometimes lead to a sloppy boxing match. I think Hendricks has enough of a wrestling advantage to make this more of a grappling match. Johny Hendricks by Unanimous Decision

NGUYEN (5) – I’m excited to see this fight, both have wrestled each other back in the day. I’m gonna go with Johny Hendricks by 1st Round Submission

Heavyweight Bout


Average Madness Level (1-10): 5

VAN DEN HAAS (5) – Twin towers face off - I'll take the experience and heart of the Dutchman against Morecraft in his UFC debut. Stefan Struve by Submission in Round 2

ROWLES (7) – In his last fight, Struve got KO’d by Roy Nelson. This fight should provide Struve a solid rebound victory. Stefan Struve by Submission in Round 1

NGUYEN (3) – Gonna be interesting to see how Struve rebounds from his loss to Big Country. Stefan Struve by 3rd Round TKO

Welterweight Bout


Average Madness Level (1-10): 4

VAN DEN HAAS (4) – Two of the worst handles in the UFC collide (enough to knock the Madness down a notch or two). Not a bad match actually but on this stacked card surely the least compelling. Again I'm betting against the fighter past his prime. Ben Saunders by TKO in Round 2

ROWLES (6) – Hallman had talked about possibly dropping to lightweight. Instead, he was matched up against Saunders, a big welterweight with devastating knees. If there’s going to be a body blow knockout at this event, this fight has the best chance with a Saunders knee to Hallman’s solar plexus. Ben Saunders by TKO in Round 2

NGUYEN (2) – Hallman has a wealth of experience but I believe Saunders should win this pretty easily. Ben Saunders by 1st Round TKO

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Bas Rutten JAWS Promo Video for SHARK FIGHTS 13: JARDINE VS PRANGLEY with 9/11/10 Fight Card and Poster


SHARK FIGHTS 13: JARDINE VS PRANGLEY -- September 11, 2010

Location: Amarillo Civic Center Coliseum in Amarillo, Texas

Broadcast: PPV


Keith The Dean of Mean Jardine (15-8) vs. Trevor Prangley (22-6)

Houston Alexander (10-6) vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou (9-6)

Paul Semtex Daley (24-9) vs. Jorge Gamebred Masvidal (20-5)

Joey Smokin' Villasenor (27-7) vs. Danillo Indio Villefort (11-3)

Brock Larson (28-4) vs. Tarec Sponge Saffiedine (9-2)


{Featherweight Championship}
Doug Evans (10-6) vs. Ronnie Mann (17-2)

Paul Bradley (12-2) vs. Johnny The Hater Hurter Rees (12-2)

Devin Cole (14-7) vs. Aaron Big Red Rosa (14-3)

Karen Darabedyan (9-3) vs. Daniel Straus (12-3)

Eric Bighead Davila (17-10) vs. Pete Secret Weapon Spratt (21-17)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

TUF 12 VIDEO - The Ultimate Fighter: Team GSP vs Team Koscheck Cast Revealed

THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER 12: TEAM GSP VS TEAM KOSCHECK will premiere on Spike TV on September 15, 2010. The cast of 28 lightweight fighters has been announced. Fourteen of these fighters will make it into the TUF house. UFC Welterweight Championship Georges St. "Rush" Pierre will coach opposite number one contender Josh "Kos" Koscheck.

Includes Sherdog links for a closer look at records.

Joseph "J.J." Ambrose (14-3)

Paul "The Wheel" Barrow (3-1)

Jason "The Showstopper" Brenton (3-0)

Jonathan Brookins (11-3)

Mike "Wildfire" Budnik (9-4)

Alex "Bruce Leeroy" Caceres (4-2)

Sako "The Chainsaw" Chivitchian (5-0)

Joseph Duffy (7-0)

Pablo "The Scarecrow" Garza (6-0)

Toby "Tigerheart" Grear (7-4)

Daniel Head (6-2)

Michael "The Menace" Johnson (8-4)

Amir Khillah (6-4)

Jeff Lentz (5-1)

Sevak Magakian (8-3)

Steve "The Dream" Magdaleno (6-2)

Andy "The Main Event" Main (4-1)

Cody McKenzie (11-0)

T.J. "The Spider" O'Brien (14-3)

Spencer Paige (5-2)

Nam Phan (15-7)

Mike "The Marine" Richman (7-0)

Dane "Redhorse" Sayers (7-1)

Ariel "Tarzan" Sexton (6-2)

Marc Stevens (12-5)

Kyle Watson (12-6)

Ran Weathers (13-7)

Aaron "The Daywalker" Wilkinson (6-3)

KOTC: IMMINENT DANGER Poster and Fight Card for 8/13/10 King of the Cage on HDNet



Location: Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort and Casino in Mescalero, New Mexico

Broadcast: HDNet


{Heavyweight Championship}
Tony Johnson (4-0) vs. Daniel Cormier (3-0)

{Junior Welterweight Championship}
Bobby King Green (13-3) vs. Daron Cruickshank (5-0)

{Welterweight Championship}
Quinn Mulhern (12-1) vs. Levi Stout (6-0)

Tyler East (6-3) vs. Esteves Jones (5-0)

Gerald Lovato (12-8) vs. Trever Mellen (6-1)


Javier Rubio (1-1) vs. Jarome Sierra (1-4)

Frank Baca (4-1) vs. Michael Chupa (2-4)

Boy Morgan (2-1) vs. JR Sotelo (1-4)

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VIDEO: Jon Jones ESPN SportsCenter Interview Post-Fight UFC on Versus 2

Jon "Bones" Jones, fresh off a TKO victory over Vladimir "The Janitor" Matyushenko in the main event of UFC ON VERSUS 2: JONES VS MATYUSHENKO, joined ESPN's SportsCenter for an interview. Jones talks about how he implemented a perfect gameplan against Matyushenko, and what the future holds for him in the UFC's light heavyweight division.

Monday, August 2, 2010

VIDEO: Kenny Powers Decapitates Urijah Faber in New K-Swiss Tubes Viral Ad

Kenny Motherf-cking Powers (Danny McBride), from the insanely awesome HBO show EASTBOUND AND DOWN, is featured in a new viral advertisement video for K-Swiss Tubes sneakers. In the ad, Powers pitches a commercial idea to K-Swiss executives where he steps in the cage against former WEC Featherweight Champion Urijah "The California Kid" Faber.

EASTBOUND AND DOWN returns to HBO for a second season on September 26, 2010. Faber was supposed to be making his WEC bantamweight debut against Takeya Mizugaki at WEC 50: CRUZ VS BENAVIDEZ, but had to withdraw due to injury. According to Sherdog, Faber will be out of action until at least November. In the meantime, you can watch Faber get beheaded and his noggin punted out of the cage by Kenny Powers.

PROPS: Funny or Die

PIC: @UrijahFaber on Twitter


UFC ON VERSUS 2 RESULTS: The Rise of Japan - Takanori Gomi and Yushin Okami Make Amends for Shinya Aoki - 8/1/10

UFC ON VERSUS 2: JONES VS MATYUSHENKO was held Sunday August 1, 2010 at the San Diego Sports Arena in San Diego, California. This was the second-ever UFC event to air on the Versus network, and both were headlined by Jon "Bones" Jones. As was the case against Brandon Vera at UFC ON VERSUS 1: VERA VS JONES, Jones once again picked up a dominant win over a tough opponent.

Jon Jones was able to finish off veteran fighter Vladimir "The Janitor" Matyushenko in less than two minutes in the main event. Jones took Matyushenko to the ground and pinned him down with a crucifix. Once Matyushenko was trapped, Bones began raining down vicious non-stop elbows, and referee Herb Dean had no choice but to abruptly stop the fight. Matyushenko did not object to the stoppage afterwards.

In the co-main event, Yushin "Thunder" Okami displayed excellent takedown defense against former All-American Division I wrestler Mark "The Filipino Wrecking Machine" Munoz. While Munoz was able to win the second round with his striking, Okami effectively shut down Munoz in the first and last rounds, en route to winning a split decision.

UFC ON VERSUS 2 BONUSES: $40K Bonus Payouts for Brian Stann, Mike Massenzio, Takanori Gomi and Charles Oliveira

The UFC awarded bonuses for UFC ON VERSUS 2: JONES VS MATYUSHENKO in the amount of $40,000. After each of their events, the UFC awards performance-based payout bonuses to at least 4 fighters.

Brian "All American" Stann and Mike "The Master of Disaster" Massenzio earned Fight of the Night honors for their 3-round preliminary bout. Although there wasn't enough time for this fight to air during the Versus telecast, it still earned the UFC's stamp of approval as the best fight, a treat only the live crowd got to witness until the fight makes its way to

Knockout of the Night went to Takanori "The Fireball Kid" Gomi for his upset win over Tyson Griffin. This career resurrecting knockout for Gomi marked the first time Griffin has been stopped in a fight. Jon Jones, Jake Ellenberger and Matthew Riddle were also eligible for this award.

Submission of the Night went to the Octagon debuting Charles "do Bronx" Oliveira for his 41-second armbar over Darren Elkins. Oliveira lived up to the hype surrounding his UFC debut as an undefeated fighter. Brian Stann and Igor Pokrajac were also eligible for this award.

All 4 of these fighters are $40,000 richer thanks to their UFC on Versus 2 performances.


FIGHT OF THE NIGHT: Brian Stann vs. Mike Massenzio