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UFC 120 MADMAN ROUNDTABLE: Group Predictions, Analysis, Madness Levels for Every Fight on 10/16/10 Spike TV Card

Welcome to the Madman Roundtable for tonight's UFC 120: BISPING VS AKIYAMA. The main card will air via tape delay on Spike TV starting at 8:00 pm EST on Saturday October 16, 2010.

This roundtable features "Evil" Eric Van Den Haas, Randy Rowles, Joshua King, Johnny Nguyen.

Madness Levels are in parenthesis. They indicate the level of excitement for a fight based on a scale of 1 to 10. The numbers in brackets beside the fighters' names indicate how many roundtable members picked the respective fighters to win.

Eric Van Den Haas is our returning champion from Strikeforce: Diaz vs Noons 2.


Middleweight Bout


Average Madness Level (1-10): 7.5

ERIC VAN DEN HAAS – (6) Akiyama has been disappointing since joining the UFC and that won't change on Saturday. Not that I'm a Bisping fan (if you've followed the 'Table for a while you'll know that's far from the case). The Count is simply a smarter fighter and his cardio is far superior. Sayonara, Sexyama... Michael Bisping by Unanimous Decision

RANDY ROWLES – (8) I don't think I've ever incorrectly predicted a Michael Bisping fight. I've correctly picked at least Bisping's last 8 fights. Yoshihiro Akiyama has a chance to break that streak, because I'm picking Count Bisping to outpoint Lord Sexyama. Michael Bisping by Unanimous Decision

JOSHUA KING – (8) Zuffa will likely fast track Bisping to be eaten alive in a title match if he wins this. Which he could. I don't see a high probability of this being finished. So, in a close fight where I'll have scored Akiyama the winner we will get a Split Decision for Michael Bisping

JOHNNY NGUYEN – (8) Bisping is talented but I can't stand him. I hope Akiyama kicks his ass. Yoshihiro Akiyama by Unanimous Decision

Welterweight Bout


Average Madness Level (1-10): 8

VAN DEN HAAS – (9) While Condit may soon regret requesting this fight with Hardy the fans will be loving it! There's no quit in either fighter and we're in for quite the battle. Hardy was dominated by GSP (hey, it happens) but The Outlaw has prevailed against others in the division and he'll defeat Condit by landing more punches. Dan Hardy by Unanimous Decision

ROWLES – (9) This is a badass fight. Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy versus Carlos "Natural Born Killer" Condit. Hell f-ck yeah! Hardy made it to the promised land at UFC 111 against Georges St. Pierre in a UFC Welterweight Championship fight, but fell short in his title bid. Hardy put in a gritty performance against the Canadian MMA god, but was completely outwrestled by St. Pierre. The Achilles heel of British fighters has always been wrestling. Carlos Condit is not a wrestler on the level of GSP, so this will enable Hardy to open up his game more this time out. I expect this fight will be an epic bloody brawl. My pick for Fight of the Night. Dan Hardy by Unanimous Decision

KING – (8) Carlos Condit is a bit more well rounded. I don't see him getting the finish but I think Carlos Condit manages to get a Split Decision

NGUYEN – (6) This is one very interesting fight. So hard to pick a winner. I’m gonna go against the grain and pick Carlos Condit by 2nd rd Submission

UFC 123: RAMPAGE VS MACHIDA Poster and Official Fight Card for 11/20/10 in Detroit



November 20, 2010

Location: The Palace of Auburn Hills near Detroit, Michigan

Broadcast: PPV


Quinton Rampage Jackson (30-8) vs. Lyoto The Dragon Machida (16-1)

Matt Hughes (45-7) vs. BJ The Prodigy Penn (15-7)

Maiquel Jose Big Rig Falcao Goncalves (25-3) vs. Gerald Hurricane Harris (17-2)

Tim The Barbarian Boetsch (12-3) vs. Phil Mr. Wonderful Davis (7-0)

Joe J-Lau Lauzon (19-5) vs. George Sotiropoulos (13-2)


Matt The Immortal Brown (11-9) vs. Brian Foster (14-5)

Mark The Filipino Wrecking Machine Munoz (8-2) vs. Aaron A-Train Simpson (7-1)


Dennis Superman Hallman (45-13) vs. Karo The Heat Parisyan (19-5)

Edson Mendes Barboza Jr (6-0) vs. Mike Lullo (8-2)

Paul Tellys Kelly (10-3) vs. TJ The Spider O'Brien (16-3)

Tyson Griffin (14-4) vs. Nik The Carny Lentz (19-3)

Friday, October 15, 2010

BELLATOR 32 RESULTS: Cole Konrad and Zack Makovsky Win Tournaments and Titles, Judo Jim Debuts - 10/14/10

BELLATOR FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS XXXII was held Thursday October 14, 2010 at the Kansas City Power and Light District in Kansas City, Missouri. The main card aired live on a few FOX Sports Net affiliates, but was mostly shown via tape delay.

Cole "The Polar Bear" Konrad is the first-ever Bellator Heavyweight Champion. Likewise, Zack "Fun Size" Makovsky is the first-ever Bellator Bantamweight Champion. Both fighters finished the task they started by winning their respective Bellator Season 3 Tournaments.

Cole Konrad's first 4 Bellator fights were insomnia-curing smothering wrestling decision wins. The NCAA Division I champion-turned-Bellator Heavyweight Champion has now shown that he can finish a fight, and he did so in impressive fashion.

Cole Konrad secured a rare keylock submission win near the end of the first round over Neil "Goliath" Grove, who had been on a tear in Bellator. Grove needed just over two minutes total to knockout his first two tournament opponents, but Konrad proved to be a bit too much for the giant South African scrapper. Cole Konrad is the real deal and will eventually be among the very top ranked heavyweight fighters on the planet.

Zack Makovsky and Ed "Wild" West danced for the duration of their song. The bantamweights went 5 championship rounds with Makovsky winning a clear unanimous decision. Makovsky was a relative unknown coming into this tournament. An impressive undercard win over Eric Luke got him a spot in the tournament, and now 3 wins later, Makovsky is wearing the Bellator Bantamweight Championship belt around his waist. Additionally, Makovsky has now established himself as one of the preeminent 135-pound fighters on the planet.

After seeing his Season 2 welterweight tournament bid go up in smoke when he was unable to secure a flight from the UK due to the Icelandic Ash Cloud, "Judo" Jim Wallhead has finally made his Bellator debut. Wallhead outpointed Ryan "The Tank Engine" Thomas for a unanimous decision win. Ryan Thomas is now just 2-4 in his last 6 fights. Wallhead should be part of the Season 4 welterweight tournament field in 2011.

A couple of top prospects remained undefeated on the Bellator 32 undercard. NCAA Division I All-American Michael Chandler improved to 5-0, and Jared "Demon Eyes" Downing picked up his fourth win without a loss.

A couple of MMA veterans also picked up big wins in preliminary bouts. Rudy "Bad News" Bears scored a quick knockout win over former UFC fighter Chad "The Grinder" Reiner. Eric "The Machine" Marriott won a unanimous decision over Ryan "Are You Ready?" Roberts in a rubber match between the two fighters.


{Heavyweight Championship} - Tournament Final
Cole Konrad (7-0) won by SUB over Neil Grove (10-3)
[4:45] - Round 1 - keylock

{Bantamweight Championship} - Tournament Final
Zack Makovsky (12-2) won by UD over Ed West (15-5)
[25:00] - 5 Rounds - (50-45, 50-45, 49-46)

Jim Wallhead (20-5) won by UD over Ryan Thomas (11-6)
[15:00] - 3 Rounds - (29-28 all)

Eric Marriott (19-5) won by UD over Ryan Roberts (13-9)
[15:00] - 3 Rounds - (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Jared Downing (4-0) won by SD over Danny Tims (9-4)
[15:00] - 3 Rounds - (30-27, 30-27, 28-29)

Rudy Bears (12-6) won by KO over Chad Reiner (26-13)
[1:29] - Round 1 - punch

Michael Chandler (5-0) won by SUB over Chris Page (0-1)
[0:57] - Round 1 - guillotine choke

Brian Davidson (6-3) won by KO over Shane Hutchison (2-9)
[0:54] - Round 1 - punches

Updated MMA win-loss records with total fight time in brackets.

UD = Unanimous | SD = Split Decision | SUB = Submission

Thursday, October 14, 2010

VIDEO: UFC Primetime: Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez - Episode 2 of UFC 121 Preview for Heavyweight Title Fight

UFC 121: LESNAR VS VELASQUEZ will be held Saturday October 23, 2010 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. The headlining fight will be contested for the UFC Heavyweight Championship. This is the complete second episode of UFC PRIMETIME: LESNAR VS VELASQUEZ, a 3-part Spike TV preview show leading up to the PPV.


BELLATOR FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS 34 - 10/28/10 Fight Card in Hollywood, Florida - Season 3 Finale with 2 Title Fights



Season 3, Week 11

Location: Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida

Broadcast: FOX Sports Net


{Middleweight Championship}
Hector Shango Lombard (26-2) vs. Alexander Storm Shlemenko (30-4)

{Women's 115-Pound Tournament Championship}
Zoila Warrior Princess Frausto (9-1) vs. Megumi Mega Megu Fujii (22-0)

Mike El Gringo Diablo Bernhard (8-2) vs. Dragan Gagi Tesanovic (7-0)

Raphael Davis (9-1) vs. Tony Kryptonite Lopez (19-4)


John Kelly (4-2) vs. William Kuhn (3-4)

Ralph Acosta (4-5) vs. Tulio Quintanilla (4-1)

Frank Carrillo (2-1) vs. Moyses The Savage Gabin (5-3)

Bounmy Somchay (1-7) vs. J.P. Reese (1-0)

Igor The Legend Almeida (5-2) vs. Dan Cramer (4-2)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

PAYDAY: Strikeforce: Diaz vs Noons 2 Salaries - Purse Amounts and Bonus Payouts for 10/9/10 in San Jose

The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) has released the following purse amounts for STRIKEFORCE: DIAZ VS NOONS 2, held October 9, 2010 at the HP Pavilion in San Jose.

These are the salaries as reported to the CSAC by Strikeforce, a promotion which has a mysterious pay structure. Often with Strikeforce there is more to the story than the salary numbers released to the athletic commissions.

Nick Diaz made $100,000 in his last fight at STRIKEFORCE: MIAMI. Either Nick Diaz took a fifty-percent reduction in pay in this fight, or he is being paid via a method not being reported to the CSAC.

Furthermore, KJ Noons did not fight for a mere $10,000, I can guarantee that. The Marloes Coenen number is too low, too. Strikeforce has definitely thrown some funny numbers out there.

Winning fighters in RED. On paper, Nick Diaz and Josh Thomson tied as top earners of the night with their $50,000 payouts.

Nick Diaz made $50,000 for 25:00 unanimous decision win.

KJ Noons made $10,000 for 25:00 unanimous decision loss.

Josh Thomson made $50,000 for 15:00 unanimous decision win.

Gesias "JZ" Cavalcante made $40,000 for 15:00 unanimous decision win.

Marloes Coenen made $3,000 ($2K to show + $1K win bonus) for 11:59 submission win.

Sarah Kaufman made $20,000 for 11:59 submission loss.

Tyron Woodley made $15,000 ($7.5K show + $7.5K win) for 1:48 KO win.

Andre Galvao made $10,000 for 1:48 KO loss.

James Terry made $3,000 ($1.5K + $1.5K) for 15:00 unanimous decision win.

David Marshall made $1,500 for 15:00 unanimous decision loss.

Josh McDonald made $3,000 ($1.5K + $1.5K) for 15:00 unanimous decision win.

Ron Keslar made $1,500 for 15:00 unanimous decision loss.

Jess Bouscal made $3,000 ($1.5K + $1.5K) for 8:00 submission win.

Luis Mendoza made $1,500 for 8:00 submission loss.


 1. Nick Diaz ($50K)
 1. Josh Thomson ($50K)
 3. Gesias Cavalcante ($40K)
 4. Sarah Kaufman ($20K)
 5. Tyron Woodley ($15K)


 1. Nick Diaz ($50K)
 1. Josh Thomson ($50K)
 3. Gesias Cavalcante ($40K)
 4. Sarah Kaufman ($20K)
 5. KJ Noons ($10K)
 5. Andre Galvao ($10K)


 1. Luis Mendoza ($1.5K)
 1. Ron Keslar ($1.5K)
 1. David Marshall ($1.5K)


Nick Diaz vs. KJ Noons ($60,000)

Josh Thomson vs. Gesias "JZ" Cavalcante ($90,000)

Marloes Coenen vs. Sarah Kaufman ($23,000)

Tyron Woodley vs. Andre Galvao ($25,000)

James Terry vs. David Marshall ($4,500)

Josh McDonald vs. Ron Keslar ($4,500)

Jess Bouscal vs. Luis Mendoza ($4,500)


STRIKEFORCE: DIAZ VS NOONS 2 drew an official attendance of 7,559 with a live gate of $528,446.50. According to these numbers, the average paid ticket price was around $70.

The salary amounts do not include any individual fighter endorsement earnings for this event, nor do they include any undisclosed bonuses. Fighters pay out of pocket for licensing fees and related expenses. Fighters spend months training in preparation for these fights, so they are being paid for work already completed in the gym as well as their performance. In my opinion, a fighter can NEVER be overpaid, and most fighters are often underpaid given the risk they incur in the workplace.

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VIDEO: Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson Brings His Funny to Animated Guest Role on The Cleveland Show - Watch Sneak Peek

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson will fight Lyoto Machida in the main event of UFC 123 on November 20, 2010 in Detroit, Michigan. Both former UFC light heavyweight champions are coming off losses. Rampage lost in a number one contender bout to Rashad Evans, while Machida lost his title to Mauricio "Shogun" Rua.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

STRIKEFORCE: DIAZ VS NOONS 2 RESULTS: Nick Diaz Gets His Revenge, Marloes Coenen New Women's Champ - 10/9/10

STRIKEFORCE: DIAZ VS NOONS 2 was held Saturday October 9, 2010 at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California. The main card aired live on Showtime.

In the main event, Nick Diaz successfully defended his Strikeforce Welterweight Championship in a rematch with KJ Noons. Diaz had previously lost to Noons via TKO due to a cut in EliteXC for their 160-pound championship. Although the CompuStrike numbers showed Noons landed significantly more strikes at a higher percentage initially were reported wrong due to a computer glitch and subsequently corrected, it was Diaz who was awarded the unanimous decision victory by the judges.

I had the fight scored 48-47 for Nick Diaz on the Madman scorecard, and was surprised to learn the final CompuStrike numbers (which have been confirmed to be incorrect). What the numbers don't show is that Diaz had Noons stunned twice during the fight, and this was likely the deciding factor given the 10-point must system. FightMetric had the fight scored 49-46 for Diaz.

In the co-main event, Josh Thomson made his case for a rubber match with Strikeforce Lightweight Champion Gilbert Melendez by outpointing Gesias "JZ" Cavalcante in a very close fight. A case could be made that Cavalcante won the fight, but one judge actually scored the contest 30-27 in favor of Thomson, so it was just not meant to be for Cavalcante in his Strikeforce debut. Thomson and Melendez have traded dominant decision wins over each other for the Strikeforce lightweight strap, so early 2011 should feature the epic third entry in what has been a highly entertaining feud between the two best 155-pound fighters in Strikeforce.

Marloes Coenen became the new Strikeforce Women's Welterweight Champion with an armbar submission win over the previously undefeated Sarah Kaufman. Coenen was coming off a loss in a title fight with Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos for the Women's Middleweight Championship, but 10 pounds lighter, the Dutch fighter managed to capture the title this time out. Coenen will defend her new title for the first time against number one contender Miesha Tate.

In the opening televised fight, Tyron "T-Wood" Woodley improved his Strikeforce record to 5-0, and his overall record to a perfect 9-0. Woodley is itching for a Strikeforce Welterweight Championship fight with Nick Diaz, but it may still be a bit early for such a significant move. Woodley easily handled BJJ black belt Andre Galvao, but a big win over a ranked opponent would seem necessary to really solidify Woodley as a top contender.


{Welterweight Championship}
Nick Diaz (23-7) won by UD over KJ Noons (10-3)
[25:00] - 5 Rounds - (49-46, 49-46, 48-47)

Josh Thomson (18-3) won by UD over Gesias Cavalcante (15-4)
[15:00] - 3 Rounds - (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

{Women's Welterweight Championship}
Marloes Coenen (18-4) won by SUB over Sarah Kaufman (12-1)
[11:59] - 1:59 Round 3 - armbar

Tyron Woodley (9-0) won by KO over Andre Galvao (5-2)
[1:48] - Round 1 - punches

James Terry (8-2) won by UD over David Marshall (8-2)
[15:00] - 3 Rounds - (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)

Josh McDonald (8-4) won by UD over Ron Keslar (5-3)
[15:00] - 3 Rounds - (29-28 all)

Jess Bouscal (3-2) won by SUB over Luis Mendoza (0-1)
[8:00] - 3:00 Round 2 - arm-triangle choke

Updated MMA win-loss records with total fight time in brackets.

UD = Unanimous Decision | SUB = Submission


FIGHT OF THE NIGHT: Nick Diaz vs. KJ Noons

KO OF THE NIGHT: Tyron Woodley over Andre Galvao

SUB OF THE NIGHT: Marloes Coenen (armbar) over Sarah Kaufman

QUICKEST WIN: Tyron Woodley over Andre Galvao in 108 seconds

BIGGEST UPSET: Marloes Coenen (+225) over Sarah Kaufman

BIGGEST WINNER:) Marloes Coenen

BIGGEST LOSER:( Andre Galvao

Strikeforce: Diaz vs Noons 2 Madman Roundtable Prediction Results:

1 - ERIC VAN DEN HAAS: 3-1 (2 points)

2 - RANDY ROWLES: 3-1 (2 pts)

3 - JOSHUA KING: 2-2



"Evil" Eric Van Den Haas and MMAmadman Randy Rowles both went 3-1 with their picks, with both correctly predicting a unanimous decision win for Josh Thomson. Although neither predicted a decision win for Nick Diaz, Van Den Haas predicted a third round finish and Rowles predicted a second round finish, so Van Den Haas is our winner, coming closer to the actual fifth round ending for the main event.


Strikeforce fights ONLY. Rankings according to Madman Top 25 Fighter Rankings.

Josh Thomson (9-2) #19 Ranked Lightweight

Tyron Woodley (5-0)

Nick Diaz (4-0) #6 Ranked Welterweight

Sarah Kaufman (4-1) #4 Ranked Women's P4P

James Terry (3-1)

KJ Noons (2-1)

Marloes Coenen (2-1) #3 Ranked Women's P4P

Andre Galvao (2-1)

Josh McDonald (1-0)

Jess Bouscal (1-0)

JZ Cavalcante (0-1)

David Marshall (0-1)

Luis Mendoza (0-1)

Ron Keslar (0-2)

UPDATED on 10/11/10 with CompuStrike corrections.

MFC 27: BREAKING POINT Poster and Fight Card for 11/12/10 in Edmonton with Ryan Ford vs Pete Spratt 2


MFC 27: BREAKING POINT -- November 12, 2010

Location: River Cree Resort and Casino in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Broadcast: HDNet

{Welterweight Championship}
Jesse Juarez (15-5) vs. Douglas The Phenom Lima (16-4)

Ryan The Real Deal Ford (12-3) vs. Pete Secret Weapon Spratt (21-18)

David The Headhunter Heath (16-6) vs. Rodney Sho Nuff the Master Wallace (9-3)

Razak Razor Al-Hassan (11-2) vs. Dwayne D-Bomb Lewis (11-5)

Ryan The Irish Assassin Healy (19-8) vs. Ragin Kajan Johnson (17-11)

Bill Fraser (2-1) vs. Dhiego Lima (3-0)


Brad The Bonesaw Cardinal (9-5) vs. Musa Toliver (8-6)

Jordan Beecroft (1-0) vs. Nick Snuggles Hrynchyshyn (2-1)

Spencer Rohovie (7-5) vs. Matt Veal (5-5)