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UFC 124 INSANE PREVIEW: Predictions, Roundtable Analysis, Betting Odds, Weigh-In Results, Stats, Madness Levels

UFC 124: ST-PIERRE VS KOSCHECK II will be held Saturday December 11, 2010 at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The main card will air live on PPV starting at 10:00 PM EST. At least 2 live preliminary bouts will air on during the hour preceding the PPV, starting at 9:00 PM EST.

This Insane Preview features all the pertinent stats – betting lines translated into projected chance of winning percentages and monetary ratios, MMA and UFC win-loss records, last 5 fights for each fighter, official weigh-in results – as well as Sherdog Fight Finder links, Madness Levels, Roundtable discussion and Predictions for every single fight on the card!

Roundtable participants are MMAmadman Randy Rowles, “Evil” Eric Van Den Haas, “Mad” Mat Paré (@The_Pinch), Johnny Nguyen, “Mad Money” Mike Almeida and Joshua King (@Anon991).

Madness Levels indicate the amount of insanity inspired in anticipation of a fight on a scale of 1 to 10, a numerical translation of just how excited we are for each fight.

Johnny Nguyen is our defending UFC Madman Roundtable Champion.

Striving to be the most analytically astute fight preview column possible. Let the madness begin...

UD = Unanimous | SD = Split | MD = Majority Decision | SUB = Submission | (T)KO = (Technical)Knockout




(-445) = projected 80% chance of winning = $4.45 bet wins $1

(+395) = projected 20% chance of winning = $1 bet wins $3.95

GEORGES ST. PIERRE: 20-2 (14-2 UFC) – Weight: 170


WIN over Dan Hardy by UD at UFC 111 (3/10)

WIN over Thiago Alves by UD at UFC 100 (7/09)

WIN over BJ Penn by TKO at UFC 94 (1/09)

WIN over Jon Fitch by UD at UFC 87 (8/08)

WIN over Matt Serra by TKO at UFC 83 (4/08)

JOSH KOSCHECK: 15-4 (13-4 UFC) – Weight: 169


WIN over Paul Daley by UD at UFC 113 (5/10)

WIN over Anthony Johnson by SUB at UFC 106 (11/09)

WIN over Frank Trigg by TKO at UFC 103 (9/09)

LOSS to Paulo Thiago by TKO at UFC 95 (2/09)

WIN over Yoshiyuki Yoshida by KO at UFC Fight for the Troops 1 (12/08)

Average Madness Level (1-10): 9

MMAMADMAN - (10) Okay, I'll admit it, while writing for the MMATorch back in 2007, I picked Josh Koscheck to beat Georges St. Pierre at UFC 74. In fact, I was the only one of 7 to pick Koscheck. St. Pierre was coming off losing his title to Matt Serra via TKO, and Koscheck had strung together 5 straight victories in the Octagon. While Koscheck did manage to win 1 of 3 rounds on 2 judges' scorecards, St. Pierre was awarded the unanimous decision, and I was left looking deservedly foolish. In 6 fights and 23 rounds since first fighting Koscheck, St. Pierre has not lost a single round. This is an amazing feat given he's faced a murderer's row of opponents in that span -- Matt Hughes, Matt Serra, Jon Fitch, BJ Penn, Thiago Alves and Dan Hardy. Based on skill, St. Pierre outshines Koscheck in every facet of the game. The only trap I can see GSP falling into is an emotional one. After a tumultuous season coaching opposite Koscheck on The Ultimate Fighter 12, St. Pierre has developed what can only be described as a hatred for Koscheck. In pre-fight interviews, St. Pierre has expressed a desire to finish this fight. An overzealous approach could lead to a mistake by St. Pierre, and that would provide an opening for Koscheck to land a big overhand right, probably his best shot at winning this fight. St. Pierre is one of the smartest fighters in the game, so a mistake I don't expect he'll be making. St. Pierre by Unanimous Decision

EVIL ERIC - (9) There's a chance (albeit miniscule) Kos catches GSP with a big right, but this fight isn't really a question of who will win, but whether or not St. Pierre can finish Koscheck. The Canadian was dominant in their first encounter three years ago and while they've both improved since, Rush remains on another level. After all Josh's yapping, and fighting in his native Montreal, you know Georges will be extremely eager to put an emphatic end to this "rivalry." And I'm bettin' he does just that. GSP by Submission in Round 4

MAD MAT - (8) It's time! GSP defending his belt right here in my hometown of Montreal. F-ck, YEAH! That being said, does anyone really give Kos a chance? What is there to be said about this fight really? GSP is arguably the best fighter in the world, has already beaten Koscheck, and I would suggest Josh doesn't deserve this title shot at all. Beating Frank Trigg, Anthony Johnson and Paul Daley makes for a title shot?? Getting KTFO by Paulo Thiago just last year and losing to Thiago Alves tells me he has nothing to offer to Georges. Lots of people have been saying GSP has been working hard on his stand-up and many believe he can KO Koscheck. I highly doubt that, but a finish at the Bell Centre would be monumental! GSP by Decision (+150 prop bet)

JOHNNY NGUYEN - (10) Man, this is gonna be a freakin' awesome fight. I can't wait to see if Koscheck can back up all the BS he has been talking. GSP has already beaten Koscheck, and within that time, GSP has gotten even better all around -- scary as shit. I’m going with St. Pierre by whatever he wants, whenever he wants, but gonna guess by 3rd rd TKO

MAD MONEY MIKE - (8) I don't think Kos has even a puncher's chance here. I honestly think Dan Hardy has better stand-up, and I don't remember him even touching GSP. George will look to finish Kos, especially at home in Montreal. GSP by rear naked choke Submission round 3. I predict Josh does not make it back to the 'otel room (French accent), he's going straight to the 'ospital. See example video on YouTube.

JOSHUA KING - (9) Georges does everything just a bit better than Koscheck. Besides the proverbial puncher's chance, I don't see Josh getting the victory. GSP by Submission, 2nd or 3rd round


Heavyweight Bout

(-160) = projected 61% chance of winning = $1.60 bet wins $1

(+150) = projected 39% chance of winning = $1 bet wins $1.50

STEFAN STRUVE: 20-4 (4-2 UFC) – Weight: 253


WIN over Christian Morecraft by KO at UFC 117 (8/10)

LOSS to Roy Nelson by TKO at UFC Fight Night 21 (3/10)

WIN over Paul Buentello by MD at UFC 107 (12/09)

WIN over Chase Gormley by SUB at UFC 104 (10/09)

WIN over Denis Stojnic by SUB at UFC 99 (6/09)

SEAN McCORKLE: 10-0 (1-0 UFC) – Weight: 264


WIN over Mark Hunt by SUB at UFC 119 (9/10)

WIN over Jonathan Ivey (29-44) by TKO at LOF 39 (5/10)

WIN over Bobby Favors (10-12) by TKO at LOF 38 (4/10)

WIN over Joe Mellotte (6-17) by SUB at LOF 37 (2/10)

WIN over James Ferguson (1-2) by SUB at LOF 19 (7/07)

Average Madness Level (1-10): 6.8

MMAMADMAN - (8) This fight has gotten a lot of slack from MMA writers and fans for its positioning in the co-main event slot. You won't hear any complaints from this MMA writer. I'm super psyched for this fight and love the fact that these two guys are being given such an awesome opportunity. Win, lose, or draw, Stefan Struve is one of the most exciting fighters in the UFC heavyweight division, and although Sean McCorkle only has one Octagon bout under his belt, you wouldn't know it from the confidence he exudes. Big Sexy is one badass mofo, and if you don't believe me, ask him. The shit-talking between these two is only matched by the enormous height of the combatants. Struve is 6'11" and McCorkle is 6'7", so this is going to be one of the tallest fights in UFC history. Struve has proven himself to be incredibly resilient, although he was quickly knocked out by Roy Nelson. McCorkle is still somewhat of a wild card -- he's undefeated, but all of his wins have come against sub par opponents. At 34 years old, this will be the first true test of McCorkle's career. There's a good chance I could be underestimating McCorkle here, but I just think the 22-year-old Struve has a brighter future. Struve by Submission in Round 1

EVIL ERIC - (7) Some Madness for this fight, as I'm lookin' forward to seein' Struve silence McCorkle, who's been talkin' a lot of smack for someone whose perfect MMA record is inflated from beating on farm boys in Indiana. Just 22 years old, The Skyscraper has already won 20 MMA fights (he's 4-2 in the UFC) and has battled guys a lot tougher than Big Sexy. McCorkle is gonna get schooled! Struve by Submission in Round 1

MAD MAT - (8) I love this fight! Don't think it should be a co-main event, but what a crazy match-up! You have to admire Struve being 6'11'' with a 20-4 record at just 22 years old. McCorkle is relatively new to the sport but has been on a killing spree. I was psyched that he was +200 vs Mark Hunt and cashed big on that one. +140 this time is a great price again. Yes he is fighting a taller opponent for the first time ever, but we have seen Struve get KTFO by fighters a foot shorter and in the first minute. McCorkle is for real and I think he will make short work of The Skyscraper. He might not want any part of Struve's ground game, so I see him overwhelming Stefan with a flurry of strikes for a first round stoppage. McCorkle by TKO (+382) Round 1 (+360 prop bets)

JOHNNY NGUYEN - (6) This will be an interesting match-up. Can McCorkle handle Stefan’s long-ass reach and ground game? If McCorkle comes in guns blazing, he can beat Stefan, but I’m gonna pick Struve by 2nd rd Submission

MAD MONEY MIKE - (7) I originally picked McCorkle to submit Struve, however with the recent interviews I couldn't help but notice "Big Sexy" reminds me of Matt "Meathead" Mitrione, a little psychotic and a big f-cking mouth. My decision remains the same. McCorkle by TKO rd 1

JOSHUA KING - (5) Co-main huh? Interesting. McCorkle can talk but I'm not sure he can handle Struve. Going with a Struve Submission in the 2nd


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VIDEO: UFC 124 Countdown - Georges St. Pierre vs Josh Koscheck Preview

UFC 124: ST-PIERRE VS KOSCHECK will be held Saturday December 11, 2010. COUNTDOWN TO UFC 124 aired on Spike TV and featured a preview of the main event UFC Welterweight Championship fight between Georges St. Pierre and Josh Koscheck.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

DREAM K-1 DYNAMITE!! 2010 Poster and Complete Fight Card for 12/31/10 New Year's Eve in Japan with 15 Fights



December 31, 2010

Location: Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan

Broadcast: HDNet

{Featherweight Championship}
Bibiano The Flash Fernandes (8-2) vs. Hiroyuki Streetfight Bancho Takaya (14-8)

Tatsuya Crusher Kawajiri (26-6) vs. Josh Thomson (18-3)

Jason The Kansas City Bandit High (11-3) vs. Hayato Mach Sakurai (35-11)

[K-1 MAX Rules]
Wicky Akiyo Nishiura vs. Tetsuya Yamato

{Welterweight Championship}
Marius The Whitemare Zaromskis (13-5) vs. Kazushi Sakuraba (26-14)

Satoshi Ishii (3-1) vs. Jerome Geronimo Le Banner (3-1)

{Interim Heavyweight Championship}
Todd Duffee (6-1) vs. Alistair The Reem Overeem (33-11)

[Mixed DREAM/K-1 Rules - Alternating Rounds]
Shinya Tobikan Judan Aoki vs. Yuichiro Jienotsu Nagashima

[K-1 Rules]
Kyotaro vs. Gegard The Dreamcatcher Mousasi

Sergei Kharitonov (16-4) vs. Tatsuya Mizuno (8-6)

Hiroshi Izumi (3-1) vs. Ikuhisa Minowaman Minowa (47-31)

Hideo Tokoro (26-23) vs. Kazuhisa Watanabe (0-0)

Kazuyuki Little Hercules Miyata (10-7) vs. Caol Uno Shoten Uno (25-13)

Katsuaki Furuki (0-0) vs. Andy Ologun (2-1)

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VIDEO: Georges St. Pierre ESPN College Mascot Self-Defense Training Course

This ESPN SportsCenter exclusive UFC 124: ST-PIERRE VS KOSCHECK 2 promotional video features UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre.
Georges St. Pierre teaches the Princeton Tiger and the UConn Husky the hard-hitting techniques that he's shared with hundreds of mascots world wide.

ESPN releases Georges St. Pierre's Mascot Self-Defense Training as a promotion for Saturday's upcoming UFC 124: St. Pierre vs Koscheck II. GSP shows the Mascots some great techniques such as the superman punch, and the arm drag which does include pulling the tail and kicking of course.


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PAYDAY: UFC TUF 12 Finale Salaries - Purse Amounts and Bonus Payouts for The Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale - 12/4/10

The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) has released the following salary amounts for UFC: THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER 12 FINALE, held December 4, 2010 at The Pearl at The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

These are the fighter purses as reported to the NSAC by the UFC. See note at bottom of this article for more details on fighter earnings.

Demian Maia was the top earner of the night with his $80,000 payout. Winning fighters in RED.

Jonathan Brookins made $16,000 ($8K show + $8K win) for 15:00 unanimous decision win.

Michael Johnson made $8,000 for 15:00 unanimous decision loss.

Stephan Bonnar made $62,000 ($31K show + $31K win) for 15:00 unanimous decision win.

Igor Pokrajac made $10,000 for 15:00 unanimous decision loss.

Demian Maia made $80,000 ($40K show + $40K win) for 15:00 unanimous decision win.

Kendall Grove made $28,000 for 15:00 unanimous decision loss.

Rick Story made $26,000 ($13K show + $13K win) for 15:00 unanimous decision win.

Johny Hendricks made $22,000 for 15:00 unanimous decision loss.

Leonard Garcia made $62,000 ($16K show + $16K win + $30K FOTN bonus) for 15:00 split decision win.

Nam Phan made $46,000 ($8K show + $8K win* + $30K FOTN bonus) for 15:00 split decision loss.

Cody McKenzie made $46,000 ($8K show + $8K win + $30K SUB bonus) for 2:03 submission win.

Aaron Wilkinson made $8,000 for 2:03 submission loss.

Ian Loveland made $10,000 ($5K show + $5K win) for 15:00 unanimous decision win.

Tyler Toner made $3,000 for 15:00 unanimous decision loss.

Kyle Watson made $16,000 ($8K show + $8K win) for 15:00 unanimous decision win.

Sako Chivitchian made $8,000 for 15:00 unanimous decision loss.

Nick Pace made $5,400 ($3K show + $3K win - $0.6K fine**) for 14:33 submission win.

Will Campuzano made $3,300 ($3K show + $0.3K compensation**) for 14:33 submission loss.

Pablo Garza made $38,000 ($4K show + $4K win + $30K KO bonus) for 0:51 KO win.

Fredson Paixao made $4,000 for 0:51 KO loss.

Dave Branch made $16,000 ($8K show + $8K win) for 15:00 unanimous decision win.

Rich Attonito made $8,000 for 15:00 unanimous decision loss.

* - Nam Phan was awarded his win bonus due to controversial decision loss.

** - Nick Pace was fined 20-percent of his show purse for missing weight by 3 pounds, of which half was given to his opponent Will Campuzano as compensation.


 1. Demian Maia ($80K)
 2. Stephan Bonnar ($62K)
 2. Leonard Garcia ($62K)
 4. Nam Phan ($46K)
 4. Cody McKenzie ($46K)
 6. Pablo Garza ($38K)
 7. Kendall Grove ($28K)
 8. Rick Story ($26K)
 9. Johny Hendricks ($22K)
10. Jonathan Brookins ($16K)
10. Kyle Watson ($16K)
10. Dave Branch ($16K)


 1. Demian Maia ($40K)
 2. Stephan Bonnar ($31K)
 3. Kendall Grove ($28K)
 4. Johny Hendricks ($22K)
 5. Leonard Garcia ($16K)
 6. Rick Story ($13K)
 7. Igor Pokrajac ($10K)
 8. Jonathan Brookins ($8K)
 8. Michael Johnson ($8K)
 8. Nam Phan ($8K)
 8. Cody McKenzie ($8K)
 8. Aaron Wilkinson ($8K)
 8. Kyle Watson ($8K)
 8. Sako Chivitchian ($8K)
 8. Dave Branch ($8K)
 8. Rich Attonito ($8K)


 1. Tyler Toner ($3K)
 2. Will Campuzano ($3.3K)
 3. Fredson Paixao ($4K)
 4. Nick Pace ($5.4K)
 5. Rich Attonito ($8K)
 5. Sako Chivitchian ($8K)
 5. Aaron Wilkinson ($8K)
 5. Michael Johnson ($8K)


Jonathan Brookins vs. Michael Johnson ($24,000)

Stephan Bonnar vs. Igor Pokrajac ($72,000)

Demian Maia vs. Kendall Grove ($108,000)

Rick Story vs. Johny Hendricks ($48,000)

Leonard Garcia vs. Nam Phan ($48,000) + ($60,000 bonuses)

Cody McKenzie vs. Aaron Wilkinson ($24,000) + ($30,000 bonus)

Ian Loveland vs. Tyler Toner ($13,000)

Kyle Watson vs. Sako Chivitchian ($24,000)

Nick Pace vs. Will Campuzano ($9,000)

Pablo Garza vs. Fredson Paixao ($12,000) + ($30,000 bonus)

Dave Branch vs. Rich Attonito ($24,000)


FIGHT OF THE NIGHT: Leonard Garcia vs. Nam Phan ($30,000 each)

KNOCKOUT OF THE NIGHT: Pablo Garza ($30,000)

SUBMISSION OF THE NIGHT: Cody McKenzie ($30,000)

TOTAL DISCLOSED PAYROLL: $406,000 + $120,000 bonuses

UFC TUF 12 Finale drew 1,622 in attendance for a $380,025 live gate.

According to these numbers, the average ticket price was approximately $234.

NOTE: The salary amounts do not include any individual fighter endorsement earnings for this event, nor do they include any undisclosed bonuses. Fighters pay out of pocket for licensing fees and related expenses. Fighters spend months training in preparation for these fights, so they are being paid for work already completed in the gym as well as their performance. In my opinion, a fighter can NEVER be overpaid, and most fighters are often underpaid given the risk they incur in their workplace.

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BITETTI COMBAT 8 RESULTS: Glover Teixeira, Paulo Filho, Jordan Smith and Thiago Goncalves Win in Brazil - 12/4/10

BITETTI COMBAT 8: 100 YEARS OF THE CORINTHIANS was held Saturday December 4, 2010 at the Alfredo Schurig Stadium in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In the main event, Glover Teixeira, who recently signed with the MFC, Canada's top MMA promotion, outpointed Spaniard Daniel "The Gladiator" Tabera. In the co-main event, former WEC Middleweight Champion Paulo Filho also scored a decision win, over veteran Japanese fighter Yuki Sasaki. American Jordan "Mate Ele" Smith picked up his fifteenth career victory with a submission win over Mario "Soldano" Sartori.


Glover Teixeira (11-2) won by UD over Daniel Tabera (16-5)
[15:00] - 3 Rounds

Paulo Filho (21-2) won by UD over Yuki Sasaki (22-18)
[15:00] - 3 Rounds

Jordan Smith (15-1) won by SUB over Mario Sartori (7-3)
[14:36] - 4:36 Round 3 - rear-naked choke

Thiago Goncalves (13-3) won by UD over Eiji Ishikawa (20-17)
[15:00] - 3 Rounds

Viscardi Andrade (7-3) won by KO over Flavio Alvaro (28-9)
[0:34] - Round 1 - punches

Cristiano Marcello (10-3) won by SUB over Guido Canetti (1-1)
[1:52] - Round 1 - rear-naked choke

Luciano Correa (3-3) won by TKO over Eneas Goncalves (0-1)
[3:00] - Round 1 - rib injury

Matheus Serafim (5-4) won by TKO over Tomas Saldiva (2-1)
[9:57] - 4:57 Round 2 - punches

Antonio Glaristone (9-5) won by TKO over Eduardo Santos (3-3)
[6:00] - 1:00 Round 2 - shoulder injury

Updated MMA win-loss records with total fight time in brackets.

UD = Unanimous Decision | SUB = Submission

Video: WHEN THE PITBULL BITES - A Thiago Alves Documentary Short Film

This documentary short by Kahleem Poole-Tejada chronicles the training regiment of Thiago "Pitbull" Alves at American Top Team and the Institute of Human Performance. Alves' teammates Gleison Tibau, Din Thomas and Gesias "JZ" Cavalcante are also featured in the short film.

Thiago Alves will be fighting John "Doomsday" Howard at UFC 124.

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STRIKEFORCE CHALLENGERS 13: WOODLEY VS SAFFIEDINE - 1/7/11 Fight Card in Nashville, Tennessee on Showtime



January 7, 2011

Location: Nashville Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, TN

Broadcast: Showtime


Tarec Sponge Saffiedine (10-2) vs. Tyron T-Wood Woodley (7-0)

Devin Cole (18-8) vs. Daniel Cormier (6-0)

Ron Abongo Humphrey (7-2) vs. Ovince St. Preux (9-4)

Julia The Jewel Budd (1-0) vs. Amanda Lioness of the Ring Nunes (5-1)

Rhadi Ferguson (2-0) vs. John Richard (1-1)


Thomas Campbell (0-1) vs. Jeremy Wallace (0-2)

Casey Hellbent Huffman (2-0) vs. John Salter (5-2)

Matt Horndog Horning (20-23) vs. Dustin Ortiz (6-0)

Daniel Schmitt (1-1) vs. Dustin West (3-2)

Charles McTorry (1-0) vs. Krishaun Gilmore (0-0)

Chris Barnhizer (0-0) vs. Karl Willis (0-0)

Jason Blackford (0-0) vs. Jeremy Boczulak (0-0)

Josh Jarvis (0-1) vs. Luke Sanders (0-0)

Stoney The Skuller Hale (3-2) vs. Gerric Hayes (3-4)


STRIKEFORCE RESULTS 12/4/10: Dan Henderson, Paul Daley and Robbie Lawler - Three Wise Men Come Bearing KO's

Pic by Tracy Lee for Cagewriter
STRIKEFORCE: HENDERSON VS BABALU 2 was held Saturday December 4, 2010 at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri. The main card aired live on Showtime.

Dan "Hendo" Henderson, Paul "Semtex" Daley and "Ruthless" Robbie Lawler all scored brutal first round knockouts in the top three fights on the card. Respectively, Renato "Babalu" Sobral, Scott "Hands of Steel" Smith and Matt "The Law" Lindland were on the unconscious ends of the KO's.

The 3 merry knockouts were set up by Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva's come-from-behind TKO win over Mike "MAK" Kyle, who moved up to heavyweight on short notice to put a whoopin' on Bigfoot in the first round, but Kyle broke his hand in the process. Silva flipped the script in the second round and finished off Kyle with mounted punches.

In the opening televised fight, Ovince St. Preux beat the holy hell out of Benji "Razor" Radach for the duration of 3 rounds, with one judge giving St. Preux two 10-8 rounds. Radach, normally a middleweight, took this fight on 10-days notice and was fighting at light heavyweight for the first time in his career, which turned out to be just as foolish as it sounded.

Ovince St. Preux has now picked up the two biggest wins of his career in the span of 15 days. Just over two weeks ago, St. Preux took out top light heavyweight prospect Antwain Britt at Strikeforce Challengers 12. With this dominant victory over Radach, St. Preux has established himself as one of the top 205-pound fighters in Strikeforce.


Dan Henderson (26-8) won by KO over Renato Sobral (36-9)
[1:53] - Round 1 - punches

Paul Daley (26-9) won by KO over Scott Smith (17-8)
[2:09] - Round 1 - punch

Robbie Lawler (18-6) won by KO over Matt Lindland (22-8)
[0:50] - Round 1 - punch

Antonio Silva (15-2) won by TKO over Mike Kyle (18-8)
[7:49] - 2:49 Round 2 - punches

Ovince St. Preux (9-4) won by UD over Benji Radach (21-6)
[15:00] - 3 Rounds - (30-25, 30-26, 30-27)

Wayne Phillips (5-3) won by SD over Fernando Bettega (6-5)
[15:00] - 3 Rounds - (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)

Justin Lawrence (1-0) won by UD over Max Martyniouk (0-1)
3 Rounds - (30-27 all - technical decision due to accidental illegal kick)

Patrick Cummins (1-0) won by TKO over Terrell Brown (2-1)
[2:44] - Round 1 - punches

Cortez Coleman (6-1) won by SUB over Lucas Lopes (19-11)
[2:04] - Round 1 - guillotine choke

Matt Ricehouse (4-0) won by UD over Thomas Aaron (3-3)
[15:00] - 3 Rounds - (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Mike Glenn (5-6) won by TKO over Lee Brousseau (4-3)
[2:00] - Round 1 - punches

Booker DeRousse (3-4) won by TKO over Coltin Cole (1-1)
[8:04] - 3:04 Round 2 - punches

J.W. Wright (1-0) won by SUB over Josh Epps (2-3)
[1:29] - Round 1 - guillotine choke

Updated MMA win-loss records with total fight time in brackets.

UD = Unanimous | SD = Split Decision | SUB = Submission


FIGHT OF THE NIGHT: Antonio Silva vs. Mike Kyle

KO OF THE NIGHT: Paul Daley over Scott Smith

QUICKEST WIN: Robbie Lawler over Matt Lindland in 50 seconds

BIGGEST WINNER:) Dan Henderson

BIGGEST LOSER:( Matt Lindland

Strikeforce: Henderson vs Babalu 2 Insane Preview Prediction Results:


2 - JOHNNY NGUYEN: 4-1 (6 pts)

3 - JOSH KING: 4-1 (4 pts)

4 - MAT PARÉ: 4-1 (3.5 pts)

5 - RANDY ROWLES: 4-1 (2 pts)

UFC TUF 12 FINALE RESULTS: Jonathan Brookins is The Ultimate Fighter - 12/4/10

UFC: THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER 12 FINALE was held Saturday December 4, 2010 at The Pearl at The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. The main card aired live on Spike TV.

Jonathan Brookins overcame an early scare in the first round, to come back and win the final 2 rounds against Michael "The Menace" Johnson to become the Season 12 Lightweight Tournament winner of The Ultimate Fighter.

In the co-main event, Stephan "American Psycho" Bonnar, the original TUF runner-up, returned to The Ultimate Fighter Finale for the first time since his TUF 1 fight with Forrest Griffin that many consider to be the single greatest fight in the history of the sport. Bonnar laid the smackdown on Igor "The Duke" Pokrajac for 3 rounds and won a clear unanimous decision victory.

Former UFC middleweight title contender Demian Maia scored a unanimous decision win over TUF 3 winner Kendall "Da Spyder" Grove, and Rick "The Horror" Story handed Johny Hendricks his first career loss, also by unanimous decision.

In the opening televised fight, Leonard "Bad Boy" Garcia once again won a controversial split decision, this time over TUF 12 semifinalist Nam Phan. Garcia's last 3 wins have all come by way of split decision. One judged scored the fight 30-27 for Phan, while the other two judges gave Garcia the fight 29-28. UFC commentator Joe Rogan expressed a strong disagreement with the decision and encouraged fans to put pressure on Keith Kizer and the Nevada State Athletic Commission to make some much needed changes in MMA judging, which has plagued the sport with bad decisions.

In the only preliminary bout to air during the televised portion of the show, Cody McKenzie scored his tenth straight submission victory by guillotine choke. Aaron "The Daywalker" Wilkinson knew coming into this fight exactly what McKenzie would be trying to do, and not only was Wilkinson unable to avoid the guillotine, but he carelessly kept leaving his head open to the choke until McKenzie was finally able to force the tapout. Wilkinson employed one of the worst gameplans in UFC history and surely won't be seeing the inside of the Octagon again anytime soon.

Ian "The Barn Owl" Loveland scored an impressive upset decision win over WEC holdover Tyler "Thunder" Toner. Nick Pace, who came in 3 pounds over weight, saved his UFC job by tapping out Will Campuzano with an improvised choke he called the Pace choke in his post-fight interview. Pace lost any chance of winning Submission of the Night when he missed weight on Friday.

TUF 12 cast members Kyle Watson and Pablo "The Scarecrow" Garza earned spots on the main UFC roster with wins over Sako "The Psycho" Chivitchian and Fredson Paixao, respectively. Finally, Dave Branch outpointed TUF 11 participant Rich "The Raging Bull" Attonito for a unanimous decision victory.


{TUF 12 Lightweight Tournament Championship}
Jonathan Brookins (12-3) won by UD over Michael Johnson (8-5)
[15:00] - 3 Rounds - (29-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Stephan Bonnar (13-7) won by UD over Igor Pokrajac (22-8)
[15:00] - 3 Rounds - (29-26 all)

Demian Maia (14-2) won by UD over Kendall Grove (12-8)
[15:00] - 3 Rounds - (29-28 all)

Rick Story (12-3) won by UD over Johny Hendricks (9-1)
[15:00] - 3 Rounds - (29-28 all)

Leonard Garcia (15-6) won by SD over Nam Phan (16-8)
[15:00] - 3 Rounds - (29-28, 29-28, 27-30)

Cody McKenzie (12-0) won by SUB over Aaron Wilkinson (6-4)
[2:03] - Round 1 - guillotine choke

Ian Loveland (14-7) won by UD over Tyler Toner (11-3)
[15:00] - 3 Rounds - (30-26, 30-27, 29-28)

Kyle Watson (13-6) won by UD over Sako Chivitchian (5-1)
[15:00] - 3 Rounds - (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Nick Pace (6-1) won by SUB over Will Campuzano (8-3)
[14:33] - 4:33 Round 3 - Pace choke

Pablo Garza (10-1) won by KO over Fredson Paixao (10-4)
[0:51] - Round 1 - flying knee

Dave Branch (8-1) won by UD over Rich Attonito (9-4)
[15:00] - 3 Rounds - (30-27 all)

Updated MMA win-loss records with total fight time in brackets.

UD = Unanimous | SD = Split Decision | SUB = Submission


FIGHT OF THE NIGHT: Leonard Garcia vs. Nam Phan

KO OF THE NIGHT: Pablo Garza (flying knee) over Fredson Paixao

SUB OF THE NIGHT: Cody McKenzie (guillotine choke) over Aaron Wilkinson

QUICKEST WIN: Pablo Garza over Fredson Paixao in 51 seconds

BIGGEST UPSET: Ian Loveland (+220) over Tyler Toner

BIGGEST WINNER:) Jonathan Brookins

BIGGEST LOSER:( Aaron Wilkinson

UFC TUF 12 Finale Insane Preview Prediction Results:

1 - JOHNNY NGUYEN: 7-4 (2.5 pts)

2 - ERIC VAN DEN HAAS: 7-4 (2 pts)

3 - MAT PARÉ: 6-5 (9 pts)

4 - JOSH KING: 6-5 (8 pts)

5 - RANDY ROWLES: 6-5 (6.5 pts)

6 - MIKE ALMEIDA: 6-5 (5 pts)


UFC fights ONLY. Rankings according to Madman Top 25 Fighter Rankings.

Demian Maia (8-2) #8 Ranked Middleweight

Kendall Grove (7-5)

Stephan Bonnar (7-6)

Rick Story (5-1)

Johny Hendricks (4-1)

Dave Branch (2-1)

Rich Attonito (2-1)

Leonard Garcia (2-2)

Jonathan Brookins (1-0)

Cody McKenzie (1-0)

Ian Loveland (1-0)

Kyle Watson (1-0)

Nick Pace (1-0)

Pablo Garza (1-0)

Igor Pokrajac (1-3) *DANGER*

Michael Johnson (0-1)

Nam Phan (0-1)

Aaron Wilkinson (0-1) *DANGER*

Tyler Toner (0-1) *DANGER*

Sako Chivitchian (0-1) *DANGER*

Will Campuzano (0-1) *DANGER*

Fredson Paixao (0-1)

*DANGER* of being released by the UFC due to loss.

UFC TUF 12 FINALE BONUSES: $30K Bonus Payouts for Leonard Garcia, Nam Phan, Cody McKenzie and Pablo Garza - 12/4/10


The UFC awarded bonuses for UFC: THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER 12 FINALE in the amount of $30,000 each. After every event, UFC officials award performance-based payout bonuses to at least 4 fighters, on top of their original salaries.

Fight of the Night went to Leonard "Bad Boy" Garcia and TUF 12 semifinalist Nam Phan for their 3-round battle. Garcia won by controversial split decision, which has become his trademark method of winning lately, in a fight that most astute observers had scored 30-27 for Phan. Garcia's franticly sloppy kitchen sink approach to fighting tends to bewitch judges and earn him victories despite the fact that his opponents actually land more strikes. FightMetric scored the fight a clean sweep for Phan, but his record will show a loss nonetheless. Hopefully an extra thirty grand will help ease Phan's pain of getting violated by the judges.

Knockout of the Night went to Pablo "The Scarecrow" Garza for his flying knee KO of Fredson Paixao. Garza was part of the original cast of The Ultimate Fighter 12, however, he didn't make it into the TUF 12 house after losing in the Elimination Round to eventual runner-up Michael Johnson. Garza was given a second chance at WEC 51, but once again lost. Garza made the most of his third Zuffa opportunity at the TUF 12 Finale with an impressive knockout victory.

Submission of the Night went to Cody McKenzie for his guillotine choke (McKenzitine) win over fellow TUF 12 castmate Aaron Wilkinson. This submission victory amazingly marked McKenzie's tenth straight professional win via guillotine choke. Bantamweight Nick Pace was also eligible for the award for his improvised choke over Will Campuzano, which like McKenzie, he has also now self-named the Pace choke.


FIGHT OF THE NIGHT: Leonard Garcia vs. Nam Phan



All 4 of these fighters are each $30,000 richer thanks to their UFC TUF 12 Finale performances.