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BELLATOR 44 - 5/14/11 Fight Card on MTV2 with Hector Lombard vs Niko Vitale and Lightweight Tourney Final in Atlantic City

UFC FIGHT FOR THE TROOPS 2 MADMAN ROUNDTABLE: Predictions, Analysis, Weigh-In Results, Madness Levels - 1/22/11

Welcome to the Madman Roundtable for UFC FIGHT FOR THE TROOPS II: FIGHT NIGHT 23 on Saturday January 22, 2011. The main card will air live on Spike TV starting at 9:00 pm EST. At least 2 preliminary bouts will stream live on starting at 8:00 PM EST.

Roundtable participants are “MMAmadman” Randy Rowles, “Evil” Eric Van Den Haas, “Mad” Mat ParĂ© (@The_Pinch), Joshua King (@BaronVonMunch), Johnny “The Noodle Ninja” Nguyen, “Mad Money” Mike Almeida and Aaron Menard (@unassail08).

Madness Levels indicate the amount of insanity inspired in anticipation of a fight on a scale of 1 to 10, a numerical translation of just how excited we are for each fight.

Dollar signs ($) indicate which fighter is getting the most action in Vegas. Each dollar sign represents a .05 unit change.

The number in the bracket beside the fighter's name indicates the number of Madman Roundtable members who picked that fighter to win.

Johnny “The Noodle Ninja” Nguyen is our returning champion from Strikeforce Challengers 13.

For a complete statistical breakdown of all the fights, check out:




Lightweight Bout


Evan Dunham – Weight: 156 – Ranked #15 LW

Melvin “The Young Assassin” Guillard – Weight: 155

Line Movement This Week:

DUNHAM (-225) <> no change

GUILLARD (+185) <> no change

Average Madness Level (1-10): 7.7

MMAMADMAN – (8) Originally, Kenny Florian was supposed to headline this event versus Evan Dunham. Florian was forced to withdraw after suffering a serious knee injury during training. Melvin Guillard was moved up to the main event from his preliminary bout with Yves Edwards, who in turn was matched up with TUF 12’s Cody McKenzie. Guillard went 3-0 in 2010 after he started training with Greg Jackson. Dunham has continually surprised since entering the UFC and now sits as a significant favorite against Guillard. Since joining Jackson’s camp, Guillard has been fighting much smarter and less reckless. Guillard has had his share of goofball moments in the UFC, getting caught in chokes. Dunham, with his superior skillet, is the kind of fighter who can frustrate, and in turn, dumb down Guillard. I expect at some point Guillard will abandon his gameplan, and at that point, the door will be open for Dunham to catch him in a choke. Dunham by Submission in Round 2

EVIL ERIC – (7) Dunham's last bout produced his only L – a controversial split decision against Sean Sherk in the Fight of the Night of UFC 119. Guillard has been on a roll of late, going 6-1 since back-to-back losses in 2007. It's easy to see how this plays out – 7 of Melvin's 8 losses have come by submission, as have more than half of Evan's wins. That loss to The Muscle Shark was a blip on Dunham's rise up the lightweight ranks. Dunham by Submission in Round 3

MAD MAT – (8) Awesome matchup that I love to hate, how could you want either of these two to lose!? Dunham got UBER screwed as did anyone (me) that bet him in his last fight, losing a retarded split decision to Sean Sherk. Guillard himself is coming off a questionable decision, but he won it. Safe to say this should go the distance and that most people might not agree with the decision. I think Dunham is a Top 10 lightweight and just too good and well-rounded for Guillard. I'm a big fan of both, so ideally it would end in a draw, but Dunham should get a decision here. Dunham by Split Decision (+225 prop bet)

JOSHUA KING – (7) Dunham is one of the future contenders in this division. Guillard isn't. Dunham by TKO, 2nd round

NOODLE NINJA – (8) Wow! Dunham has fantastic BJJ. Guillard has dynamite hands. This is gonna be interesting. I believe Dunham is going to use his BJJ smarts. Dunham by 2nd round Submission guillotine choke

MAD MONEY MIKE – (8) Crazy match up here. Dunham is the real deal, however, never sleep on Guillard. I'm guessing Dunham will play it smart and pick his shots. Dunham by Decision

AARON MENARD – (7.5777777) I like Melvin in this fight. I think under Greg Jackson's tutelage, Melvin has improved physically, but most importantly mentally. Melvin has big time power and I don't think Dunham can take down Guillard. I think Guillard is too strong in the upper body. Dunham is a clinch-takedown guy, big mistake with Guillard who has big time knees. Guillard wins via T(KO) Round 1

Heavyweight Bout


Matt “Meathead” Mitrione – Weight: 260

Tim “The Thrashing Machine” Hague – Weight: 256.5

Line Movement This Week:

MITRIONE (-280) moved to (-270)

HAGUE (+220) moved to (+210) – $$

Average Madness Level (1-10): 6.3

MMAMADMAN – (7) According to MMA math, which is often deceiving and must be contextualized, Matt Mitrione > Joey Beltran > Tim Hague. Beltran won a decision over Hague and Mitrione won a decision over Beltran. This is a solid indicator that if this fight goes the distance –> Mitrione by Unanimous Decision. The wildcard is if one of these giants connects with a big shot and knocks the other out.

EVIL ERIC – (7) Mitrione is 3-0 in the UFC, though that record is padded by wins over Kimbo Slice and Marcus Jones (not exactly UFC caliber fighters). His last win was a decision over Joey Beltran, who coincidentally handed Hague a third consecutive UFC loss that resulted in him getting axed from the organization. Fortunately, the hard-hitting Canadian is back and I expect him to return in style. Tremendous odds on the underdog vet - well worth a wager! Hague by TKO in Round 2

MAD MAT – (5) Meathead vs Canadian Bacon in a meaty battle of sluggers. Hague is getting redemption again, after losing a questionable decision to Chris Tuchscherer and a very questionable decision to Joey Beltran in his last UFC run. I'm no fan of Mitrione, but he's been getting the job done against decent heavyweights, but no real threats. I don't see Hague having much to offer here except being on the losing end of a stand-up war. Matt's only loss was on The Ultimate Fighter by submission. There is a slight possibility that Hague pulls off a sub, like he did to Pat Barry, but the odds of a Hague submission win are at +1300… Mitrione by Decision (+260 prop bet)

JOSHUA KING – (5) I think Mitrione has the power to win this one. Mitrione by KO, 1st

NOODLE NINJA – (5) Gonna be an awesome fight to watch. Both men have KO power in their hands. Mitrione can take a freakin beating. I’m going with Mitrione by 1st round TKO

MAD MONEY MIKE – (7) Once again I'm forced to pick a fighter no one likes. Tim Hague is coming off 2 impressive wins in Canada?'s amateur hour!!! If there are any Meathead fans out there, I'd be shocked! All that said, he's still faster and stronger than Tim “Fague.” Meathead TKO round 2

AARON MENARD – (8) Everybody is on Matt Mitrione, while he is a hell of an athlete, I think Tim Hague has a legitimate shot coming off 2 brutal KO victories. I'm taking the dog. Hague wins via TKO Round 3

SHOWDOWN FIGHTS: NEW BLOOD Fight Card Complete for 1/28/11 in Orem, Utah



January 28, 2011

Location: UCCU Center on UVU Campus in Orem, Utah

Cole Apache Kid Escovedeo (16-6) vs. Steven Super Siler (18-8)

Travis T-Train Marx (15-3) vs. Trever Mellen (8-1)

Brad Mickey Rae McRae (7-17) vs. Steve Razor Sharp (25-13)

Mike Christensen (5-1) vs. Radley Rad Martinez (8-1)

Jordan Maximus Clements (5-0) vs. Eddie Rincon (3-3)

James Birddog Birdsley (36-8) vs. Daniel DJ Dan Gardner (3-1)

Tim Showtime Lund (3-6) vs. Kasheem The Dream Peterson (1-1)

Denver Merrifield-Nirva (2-0) vs. Czar Sklavos (2-1)

Trevor Carlson (2-0) vs. Ryan Wong (3-1)

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VIDEO: Dana White on G4's ATTACK OF THE SHOW Talks TUF 13, Fight for the Troops 2

Dana White, President of UFC, hangs out with Blair Herter inside the infamous Octagon to talk about the evolution of MMA fighting and the organization, their Armed Forces charity and controversy over judging inconsistency. AOTS Interview.

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VIDEO: Clay Matthews of Green Bay Packers Trains MMA with Jay Glazer - See How MMA Workout Improves NFL Player

<a href="" target="_new" title="MMAthletics: Not Satisfied">Video: MMAthletics: Not Satisfied</a>

Green Bay Packers Pro Bowl linebacker Clay Matthews works out with Jay Glazer on MMAthletics.

MMA Athletics was founded by Randy Couture and Jay Glazer as a full-time MMA training camp for professional athletes of other sports.

The FOX Sports Net (FSN) episodes are hosted by Jay Glazer and Rachelle Leah. The following quote is from Glazer's football article.
The benefits of the program for Matthews: It greatly strengthened and speeded up his hand strikes, made him more violent and made him think like a cage fighter. It also increased his knowledge of leverage, but more than anything else, it pushed his breaking point way beyond the limits he though he had.

HT: MiddleEasy.

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UFC FIGHT FOR THE TROOPS 2 INSANE PREVIEW: Translated Odds, Statistical Analysis, Fighter Histories for 1/22/11

by MMAmadman Randy Rowles

UFC FIGHT FOR THE TROOPS II: FIGHT NIGHT 23 will be held Saturday January 22, 2011 at the Fort Hood military post in Texas. The main card will air live on Spike TV starting at 9:00 PM EST. At least 2 preliminary bouts will stream live on starting at 8:00 pm EST.

This Insane Preview features all the pertinent stats - betting lines translated into projected chance of winning percentages and return on investment; MMA, UFC and WEC win-loss records; last 5 fights for each fighter; a complete breakdown of all wins and losses; as well as Sherdog Fight Finder links and MMAPlayground poll leaders for every single fight on the card!

On Friday, we'll post our regular Madman Roundtable with Predictions, Analysis and Madness Levels for all of the fights from the entire crew.

Betting odds are included in this article for entertainment purposes only, to illustrate oddsmakers' projections of winners and losers, and are not intended to be the basis of, or used for, any actual gambling.

Striving to be the most analytically astute fight preview column possible.

Let the madness begin...

UD = Unanimous | SD = Split | MD = Majority Decision | SUB = Submission | (T)KO = (Technical)Knockout



Lightweight Bout (155 lbs)

(-225) = projected 66% chance of winning = 1 unit wins 0.44 units

(+185) = projected 34% chance of winning = 1 unit wins 1.85 units


Record: 11-1 (4-1 UFC) – Height: 5'10" (USA)

6 wins by Submission | 3 wins by Decision | 2 wins by TKO

1 loss by Decision


LOSS to Sean Sherk by SD at UFC 119 (9/10)

WIN over Tyson Griffin by SD at UFC 115 (6/10)

WIN over Efrain Escudero by SUB at UFC Fight Night 20 (1/10)

WIN over Marcus Aurelio by SD at UFC 102 (8/09)

WIN over Per Eklund by KO at UFC 95 (2/09)

Evan Dunham has a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Dunham came into the UFC undefeated at 7-0 and went on to win his first 4 UFC fights. In his sophomore UFC fight, Dunham scored a huge upset win over 3rd degree BJJ black belt Marcus Aurelio. Dunham continued to shock the MMA world by submitted previously undefeated TUF 8 champion Efrain Escudero and upsetting his Xtreme Couture teammate Tyson Griffin. In his last fight, Dunham suffered his first career loss – by controversial split decision against former UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk. The UFC President himself, Dana White, called the decision bullshit and proclaimed he still sees Dunham as undefeated.


Record: 26-8 (8-4 UFC) – Height: 5'9" (USA)

16 wins by (T)KO | 8 wins by Decision | 2 wins by Submission

7 losses by Submission | 1 loss by Decision


WIN over Jeremy Stephens by SD at UFC 119 (9/10)

WIN over Waylon Lowe by TKO at UFC 114 (5/10)

WIN over Ronys Torres by UD at UFC 109 (2/10)

LOSS to Nate Diaz by SUB at UFC Fight Night 19 (9/09)

WIN over Gleison Tibau by SD at UFC TUF 9 Finale (5/09)

Melvin Guillard has a blue belt in BJJ and a brown belt in Judo. Guillard has a dozen UFC fights under his belt. This will be his thirteenth Octagon appearance, an unlucky number indeed. The newly subliminal Guillard, under the tutelage of Greg “Yoda” Jackson, went a perfect 3-0 in the Octagon in 2010. Another perfect year and Guillard could be competing for the UFC Lightweight Championship in 2012.

PLAYGROUND LEADER: Evan Dunham (79%)

*Playground Leader is fighter ahead in MMAPlayground user poll*

Heavyweight Bout (206-265 lbs)

(-280) = projected 70% chance of winning = 1 unit wins 0.36 units

(+220) = projected 30% chance of winning = 1 unit wins 2.2 units


3-0 (3-0 UFC) – Height: 6'3" (USA)

2 wins by (T)KO | 1 win by Decision



WIN over Joey Beltran by UD at UFC 119 (9/10)

WIN over Kimbo Slice by TKO at UFC 113 (5/10)

WIN over Marcus Jones by KO at UFC TUF 10 Finale (12/09)

Matt Mitrione was a participant on the Season 10 heavyweight edition of The Ultimate Fighter. In TUF 10 tournament exhibition bouts, Mitrione defeated Scott Junk by majority decision in the opening round, but then lost to James McSweeney by guillotine choke submission in the quarterfinals. Mitrione made his professional debut at the TUF 10 Finale and knocked out fellow castmate Marcus Jones. Mitrione went on to pound out Kimbo Slice, in fact clear out of the UFC, and then earned a Fight of the Night decision victory over Joey Beltran in his last fight.


12-4 (1-3 UFC) – Height: 6'4" (CANADA)

7 wins by (T)KO | 3 wins by Submission | 2 wins by Decision

3 losses by Decision | 1 loss by KO


WIN over Travis Wiuff (63-14) by KO at Adrenaline MMA 5 (10/10)

WIN over Zak Jensen (10-6) by TKO at Adrenaline MMA 4 (7/10)

LOSS to Joey Beltran by UD at UFC 113 (5/10)

LOSS to Chris Tuchscherer by MD at UFC 109 (2/10)

LOSS to Todd Duffee by KO at UFC 102 (8/09)

Tim Hague has a purple belt in BJJ. Hague entered the UFC with a submission win over striker Pat Barry, but then lost 3 straight fights – to Todd Duffee by 7-second KO, Chris Tuchscherer by bogus majority decision, and finally Joey Beltran by unanimous decision. After getting his UFC walking papers, Hague went back to his native Canada to fight. Hague rebounded with 2 KO wins over TUF 10's Zak Jensen and UFC veteran Travis Wiuff. With 2 wins under his belt, Hague got called back to the UFC to lose this fight to Matt Mitrione. Hague, to the contrary, will likely be looking to duplicate his UFC debut in this fight with a submission win over the striker Mitrione.

PLAYGROUND LEADER: Matt Mitrione (84%)

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WRECK MMA 5: STRONG AND PROUD Fight Card for 1/28/11 in Quebec, Canada



January 28, 2011

Location: Casino Lac-Lemay in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

Broadcast: Internet PPV

Jordan Young Guns Mein (18-7) vs. Joe Diesel Riggs (34-11)

Mark Boots Holst (8-3) vs. Markhaile Showtime Wedderburn (9-8)

Matt MacGrath (9-4) vs. Kalib Starnes (11-5)

Remi Bam Bam Morvan (7-5) vs. Dimitri Waardenburg (6-4)

Robin Black (3-4) vs. Mike Reilly (1-0)

Jesse The Ghost Gross (4-0) vs. Pablo Santos (0-0)

Alka Matewa (2-0) vs. Jesse The Body Snatcher Ronson (4-1)

Jeff Harrison (3-4) vs. Jamie McLean (1-0)

Amer Hussein (0-0) vs. Mustafa Mufasa Khalil (1-1)

Jeff Laughren (1-1) vs. Mike Sledzion (0-0)

Marc Lefebvre (0-0) vs. Christopher St. Jean (0-1)

Tyler Hardcastle (0-0) vs. Kyle Vivian (0-2)


VIDEO: UFC Fight for the Troops 2: Spike TV Preview Trailer for Fight Night 23

Fighting with a truly meaningful purpose in front of some real American heroes, "The Ultimate Fighter" alums Melvin Guillard, Matt Mitrione, and U.S. Army and National Guard veteran DaMarques Johnson will be featured on Spike TV’s telecast of "UFC Fight For The Troops" live from Fort Hood, Texas on Saturday, January 22, 2011 at 9:00 p.m. ET.


Donate to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund at