Sunday, December 30, 2012

UFC 155 BONUSES: Dos Santos vs Velasquez 2 - $65K Bonus Payouts for Jim Miller, Joe Lauzon, Duffee and Moraga - 12/29/12

The UFC awarded a total of $260,000 in bonus money to 4 fighters for performances at UFC 155: Dos Santos vs Velasquez II, held Saturday, December 29, 2012, in Las Vegas. The event was headlined by Junior Dos Santos vs Cain Velasquez for the UFC Heavyweight Championship.

After every UFC event, Zuffa officials pay out bonuses to fighters based on exceptional performances. These bonus payouts are made in addition to the contracted salaries or fighter purses of the honored athletes.

The awards for Fight of the Night went to lightweight co-main eventers Jim Miller and Joe Lauzon, who delivered a strong Fight of the Year candidate in what was the next-to-last UFC fight of the 2012 calendar year. Jim Miller came out like a fighter possessed in the first round and put a hurting on Joe Lauzon, including opening up a gash above Lauzon's eye that had him bleeding like a stuck pig for the rest of the fight. Despite losing an incredible amount of blood over the course of a grueling 15 minutes, Lauzon never stopped fighting and never stopped trying to find a way to win. The fight actually ended with Lauzon attempting a creative drop-down heel hook followed by a guillotine choke as time ran out. This bloody masterpiece provided one of the easiest FOTN decisions ever made by UFC brass.

Knockout of the Night was awarded to UFC-returning heavyweight Todd Duffee, one of MMA's most impressive physical specimens. The monstrous Duffee imposed his will on Phil De Fries in a manner consistent with their respective appearances. Anyone looking at the two fighters likely would've picked Duffee to kick De Fries' ass. And that he did. Duffee scored the quickest win of the night and a cool 65 grand for his TKO victory over De Fries in just over two minutes.

Submission of the Night was awarded to curtainjerker John Moraga for his come-from-behind standing guillotine choke submission win over top-ranked flyweight Chris Cariaso. In just his second UFC fight, Moraga struggled in the striking game against his more experienced opponent for the first two rounds. All of Cariaso's hard work was voided in the third round, however, when Moraga latched onto a headlock with Cariaso up against the cage, and then transitioned into a guillotine choke for a sudden tapout victory.

Here are the Complete UFC 155 Results.

Official UFC 155 Awards

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT: Jim Miller vs. Joe Lauzon



All 4 of these fighters banked bonus paychecks, each taking home an extra $65,000 on top of their UFC 155 salaries, enriching their respective UFC 155 fighter purses.