I am the MMAmadman. My name is Randy Rowles. My fascination with combat sports began in my childhood with pro wrestling in the 1980's, and continued with the rise of Mike Tyson in pro boxing. By the mid-1990's, admittedly drawn in by the deathmatch spectacle promotion of the UFC's dark days, but then inspired by Royce Gracie, I was eagerly anticipating each new UFC event to arrive for VHS rental at my local video store.

By the late-1990's, the Japanese MMA promotion PRIDE turned me into a full-fledged MMA madman. I traded bootleg VHS of PRIDE and other Japanese fight organizations for several years – the 6-hour Japanese television broadcasts with no English subtitles. This was before the rise of YouTube and torrents. I spent so much time watching fighting with Japanese commentary, that I took two semesters of Japanese in college in an attempt to learn the language. I graduated from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) with a bachelor's degree in Communications Media.

Around 2006, I started writing for the MMATorch. I served as the lead writer for the sister site of the PWTorch for its first couple of years, but had to take a break from writing after starting a new brick-and-mortar business that required all of my time. I returned to MMA blogging in October 2009 as the creator of MMAmadman.com. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, the MMAmadman Facebook, or e-mail at mmamadman.com@gmail.com.